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Increasing Demand for Rope Access & Drone Inspection Services

Inspection and maintenance work has been increasing in demand for rope access service companies due to the time & cost-saving benefits rope access offers. Facility managers & plant owners across a range of industries from mining to manufacturing, to coal, Read more

The Benefit of Using Drones for Industrial Chimney & Smokestack Inspections

Inspections on industrial structures can be tedious, time-consuming, costly, and disruptive. Location, surrounding buildings or structures, and ease of accessibility can all affect the means by which an inspection team performs critical inspection services. Rope access has proved to be Read more

Rope Access Methods for Silo Maintenance & Repair

The crew at Industrial Access, Inc. has used custom-engineered rope access methods for industrial services in a range of industries. The flexibility & efficiency provided by rope access techniques has allowed us to service industrial chimneys, steel piping set ups, Read more

Keeping Up With Regular Industrial Smokestack Maintenance

There are few structures in the industrial sector that encounter more adverse conditions than a smokestack. Wind loading, corrosive acid, temperature fluctuations both inside and out, gas intrusion, and even lightning strikes all create problems for an industrial chimney or Read more

A Guide to Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Liners & Stacks

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic stacks and liners are state-of-the-art products that have been proven to last for decades, making them a popular choice for industrial chimney liner upgrades or reconstruction. Fiberglass as excellent material properties that ensure a long lifetime and Read more

The Advantages of Rope Access Maintenance at Nuclear Power Plants

There are few more high-risk environments than a nuclear power plant. Special precautions must be taken to keep the safety of maintenance workers and power plant employees safe during repair & construction projects. Rope access efficiencies have been integral during Read more

The Many Capabilities of Rope Access

Our rope access technicians have a range of skills that relate to the industrial sector. While most of our projects include repairs, inspections, and painting & coating services for industrial chimneys and smokestacks, people are often surprised to find out Read more

Rope Access Offers Specialized Services to Support Any Industry

There is no doubt that rope access is the safest, most affordable option for work at height, whether that’s for inspection services, NDT, repair, demolition, or reconstruction. Rope access allows maintenance and construction crews to access what has typically been Read more

Ending the War on Coal – New Executive Order

Less than a week ago, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that will roll back Obama-era climate change policies that were considered a “war on coal.” The President’s order, which is called the “Energy Independence Executive Order,” is laid Read more

Petrochemical Plants and Rope Access Inspections

The structures and piping in petrochemical plants require specialized access for maintenance, inspections and repairs. Scaffolding, man lifts, and crane baskets not only increase risk exposure, but also crowd work spaces and add a significant expense to the project. Rope Read more

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