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Increasing Demand for Rope Access & Drone Inspection Services

rope access servicesInspection and maintenance work has been increasing in demand for rope access service companies due to the time & cost-saving benefits rope access offers. Facility managers & plant owners across a range of industries from mining to manufacturing, to coal, energy, and even oil drilling, have come to realize how efficient and effective rope access services are for tall structures, hard-to-access equipment, and tight spaces where heavy machinery is not applicable. Maintenance budgets are often under strain, especially during tough economic environments and utilizing rope access methods to carry out certain inspection and maintenance scopes means companies can get their budgets to stretch further and ensure effective and safe operations.
Better & Faster Inspection Services
Undertaking routine yearly inspections can be expensive and time consuming if done with other traditional access methods like scaffolding, helicopters, or cranes.  Other technological advances in inspection methods, such as UAV Drones, have recently been added to the mix of rope access services to improve and speed up the accuracy of inspection services. The team here at Industrial Access offers ELIOS Drone preliminary inspection flights to help locate deficiencies & determine the extent of damages and to gain pertinent information on areas that are not easily accessible. By combining the technology of drones for inspections and the quick & effective maintenance methods of rope access, companies can save money and avoid production downtime.

Increased Site & Project Safety

Plants, manufacturing facilities, and oil refineries are an inherently dangerous environment – where height and confined spaces are two of the most obvious aspects for safety concerns – both of which are made safer when using professional rope access services. Because rope access allows technicians to quickly mobilize and complete projects faster than other means of access, technicians spend less time up in the air or in tight or dangerous locations. Every technician is SPRAT certified and passes rigorous training and continuing education to ensure superb safety standards which is much higher than other construction or maintenance methods.

Rope Access vs Scaffolding & Temporary Structures

Many plant maintenance managers often choose more traditional means of access for inspection & repairs or maintenance tasks which require shutdowns and/or downtime and can end up costing a premium. In doing so, companies end up spending a large portion of the project budget to erect and break down these access systems or to pay for heavy machinery to come in to provide access for service companies. Rope access, on the other hand, is quick to set up, quick to deploy, and quick to dismantle which exponentially reduces the cost of set up & tear down and reduces man hours on a project, helping to save on the overall project budget.

drone inspection services

ELIOS Drone used for preliminary Inspection Services.

Industrial Access, Inc. has recognized the growing demand for rope access inspection & maintenance services, especially when it is accompanied with Drone technology to increase the speed & accuracy of inspections. We have tens of thousands of service hours between our crew of professional rope access technicians. Whether you are looking for NDT & structural integrity inspections, industrial chimney & smokestack repairs and maintenance services, or crane & machinery inspections, the team of engineers and rope access technicians are here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can utilize rope access methods to save money, decrease or eliminate downtime & shutdowns, or provide efficient and effective maintenance and repair services at a fraction of the cost of traditional access means.

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The Benefit of Using Drones for Industrial Chimney & Smokestack Inspections

inspection drone Inspections on industrial structures can be tedious, time-consuming, costly, and disruptive. Location, surrounding buildings or structures, and ease of accessibility can all affect the means by which an inspection team performs critical inspection services. Rope access has proved to be a great solution for performing quick and accurate inspections at height or in tight quarters, but new technology has brought about an even better & faster alternative especially for that initial first look to gain close-up data on the conditions at hand. Drone inspections of structures like industrial chimneys & smokestacks save time by identifying the problems areas, allowing our crew to get right to action during the hands-on aspect of inspection and maintenance services.

On many occasions, parts of a plant will need to be taken out of operation in order to perform inspections. Interruptions due to lengthy downtimes can cause higher costs and restrict important operation tasks. At Industrial Access, we have invested in incredible drone technology called the ELIOS drone to perform quick and uncomplicated preliminary inspections, many times while the stack is still in operation so we can reduce downtime.

The ELIOS drone proves to be a valuable inspection tool. Designed to be collision-tolerant and easy to navigate, the ELIOS drone features on board LED lighting, HD & Thermal Imagery cameras for crystal clear video recording, a live video feed, as well as a post-mission data review. Our crew can use the ELIOS drone to gain pertinent information on areas that are not easily accessible.

The Benefits of Using the ELIOS Drone at Industrial Inspections

Reduced Downtime – Rope access methods have been the quickest and most effective way to provide accurate inspection services, and when combined with a preliminary drone inspections, is the fasted method to complete and accurate and efficient inspection. The ELIOS drone is deployed and ready to gather crystal clear visuals and inspection data within mere minutes. An entire visual inspection can be performed with a drone in a matter of an hour or so. The data collected during the flight inspection helps us identify what area of a structure needs attention so we can get right to work, eliminating wasted downtime.

Safety – Drone inspections improve site safety by cutting out the need to send workers into hazardous places or dangerous situations that may pose a risk to health or physical safety. The ELIOS drone is incredibly responsive and an experience pilot can steer and navigate the drone easily from the ground station with live feed technology.

Lower Costs – Scaffolding, cranes and traditional techniques are no longer needed to perform simple visual inspections at height. The ELIOS drone gathers visuals of the most complex and cluttered spaces while being controlled with the Ground Station and an experienced pilot.

Using the Data to Design Custom Engineered Solutions

Drone for inspection servicesThe visual photos, live videos, and thermal imagery collected by the ELIOS drone can be used to create a perfectly tailored, custom engineered maintenance & repair solution for problems found during the inspection. Equipped with an SD card, the ELIOS drone allows our crew to access and review the data collected during the inspection flights right away, no special software or equipment needed. Our engineers and project managers use frame-by-frame images, thermal sensor videos, and flight information to create a more accurate and efficient solution for repair, maintenance, and/or demolition, cutting out time typically wasted poking around to find deficiencies inch by inch.

Industrial Access has always been committed to providing fast and effective solutions which is why we have added the ELIOS inspection drone to our arsenal of tools using in our industrial services. Contact us today to learn more about how our ELIOS drone can help complete inspections accurately and without risk of harm to inspectors or factory & plant workers.

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Rope Access Methods for Silo Maintenance & Repair

Silo Rope Access ServicesThe crew at Industrial Access, Inc. has used custom-engineered rope access methods for industrial services in a range of industries. The flexibility & efficiency provided by rope access techniques has allowed us to service industrial chimneys, steel piping set ups, boilers, kilns, and even storage silos.

Most of the silos used across the nation actually date back 40 to 50 years or more.  While silos may appear to be indestructible, proper maintenance and repairs are required to keep them structurally sound and effective. As time passes, silos accumulate debris, dust and stubborn residues from the organic materials being stored or transported. Silos are also susceptible to more immediate and serious problems, like structural deficiencies or environmental damage which may lead to damaged assets or product.

Rope access allows us to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for damaged & deteriorated silos and other storage structures that require maintenance, repairs, and specialized coating or painting services.

Silo Inspections:

Without periodic professional silo inspections to uncover potential structural integrity issues, these structures can collapse with little to no warning. The signs of degradation and the failures observed during a thorough silo inspection are different for concrete and metal silos. Our rope access professionals offer full, thorough inspection services for silos of all sizes and locations utilizing effective, efficient, and cost-saving access options.

Silo Repair & Maintenance:

Extend the life of a silo at a fraction of the cost of new silo construction with rope access silo repair services & maintenance plans. Steel and concrete silo repair options include silo post-tensioning, coating & painting applications, structural silo repair, silo roof repair, re-hooping and composite fiber reinforcement.

Silo Painting & Coatings:

Silo coatings protect silos from corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack, which can all play a role in the deterioration of a silo structure. There are a number of high-tech coating & paint products that exist for industrial structures, all of which generally tend to offer tremendous resistance against corrosion and abrasion.

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