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Cincinnati OH Mechanical – Boiler Service, Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

Industrial Access Mechanical performs mechanical services and repairs for industrial facilities in Cincinnati, OH, Covington OH, Springdale OH, Blue Ash OH, Milford OH, Hebron OH, and the surrounding towns and communities

Industrial Access Mechanical Overview

Our team provides expertise in plant maintenance, electrical services, boiler repair, vessel repair, and several other complex solutions. Serving in and around Cincinnati, OH, we pride ourselves on leaving companies with optimal performance levels and minimal downtime needed to solve the issue. We have the expertise to fix minor or major issues or assist with routine maintenance that may be needed.

We service all types of boilers including waste fuel, coal, gas, biomass, bark, chemical recovery, stokers, utility, recovery, auxiliary, package, pharmaceutical boilers, and many more. Many of these are a source of corrosive or erosive gases that can have long-term effects on equipment if not serviced or paid attention to. Recently, federal regulations have gotten stricter, and factories must meet these higher standards. Many times, factories are required to install flue gas desulfurization scrubbers to minimize environmental effects. We service all parts of this system to ensure factories can operate & meet regulations while maintaining optimal performance.

Services We Offer

One service that we offer is assisting with retrofitting and reconditioning when your system is due for an upgrade. The older your boiler is, the more attention and care is required when it comes to updating to higher standards of efficiency or capacity. The more often you upgrade your boiler, the lower the chance of costly repairs; so, it is in best practice to keep up with upgrades.

bark boiler repair

bark boiler inspection & maintenance

We also determine maintenance plans that are custom to the exact needs of the plant. We provide expert design, inspection, maintenance, and repair services for the industrial market in Cincinnati OH, Covington OH, Springdale OH, Blue Ash OH, Milford OH, Hebron OH, and the surrounding towns and communities. Regular maintenance prevents potential costly emergency repairs. However, if your plant encounters an unexpected issue, we also specialize in emergency boiler repairs. We carefully decide the correct steps for your facility and work quickly to get your business back to normal.

biomass boiler cleaning & repair in Cincinnati oh

Current Clients

We have experience in the following industries: pulp & paper, power generation, petrochemicals, refinery, manufacturing, cement, lime, steel & metals, mining & minerals, and food & beverage plants. This gives us in-depth experience with a wide range of different markets and power systems and boilers. A few of our industrial clients include Cargill, Georgia Pacific, Cemex, International Paper, Mead Westvaco, Johnson Controls, Weyerhaeuser, NRG Energy, along with many others.

If your facility needs maintenance on smokestacks or boilers, our team can help your business return to normal as soon as possible. If you are in the Cincinnati, OH area and are experiencing issues, do not hesitate to contact us to find out how Industrial Access can serve your facility. We prioritize fast and quality work with little to no downtime to ensure the business is back to normal quickly.

Industrial Access / Cincinnati Office • 250 East 5th Street, 15th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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