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The Many Capabilities of Rope Access

Rope Access CapabilitiesOur rope access technicians have a range of skills that relate to the industrial sector. While most of our projects include repairs, inspections, and painting & coating services for industrial chimneys and smokestacks, people are often surprised to find out the other tasks we have taken on with our rope access capabilities. Here is a partial list of these interesting, uncommon projects:

Bridge Pier Inspections

Our difficult-access techniques all us to perform above and below deck inspection of piers, wharves and bridges. Our team will provide inspection of above-water bridge and pier decks to ensure structural integrity of all key components.

Communication Towers & Antenna

Other large structures we can perform repairs and inspections on are communication towers and cellular service antennas. Our rope access methods allow us to properly & affordably maintain these hard-to-access structures. Using a team of rope access technicians is not only a safer way to perform maintenance and repairs; it’s also a way to provide these solutions in a cost-effective on strict time constraints.

Eye Bolt Installation

Eye bolt installation and testing is another service easily tackled with rope access. Properly installed eye bolts are necessary for an effective fall protection system. High-access workers that are performing maintenance or repairs rely on eye bolts so inspecting and maintaining these components are critical.  You can trust in our professionals that have the expertise to install an eye bolt correctly.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes and large overhead cranes can quickly and easily be accessed with rope access methods for inspections, repairs, or painting & coating services. We offer reliable maintenance program for your mobile gantry crane to reduce the wear & tear on your assets and help maintain quality performance.

Hydrological / Dams

Spillways and dams are designed in a way that they generally cannot be walked on. This means that using methods like rope access is the only way to carry out maintenance and repairs on these structures. Rope access lets our crew safely inspect and repair these structures without the need to bring in expensive heavy equipment. From inspecting to structural testing, our crew can provide the necessary services to repair, maintain, and inspect dams and spillways.

Marine Applications

Off-shore and marine applications often require special access since heavy machinery is not an option. Our rope access team is qualified to handle inspection services, NDT testing, welding & repair, ultrasonic measurements and more on marine structures and ships.

Pipe Hanger Inspections

IA’s innovative rope access methods have been used to inspect & service of pipe supports & pipe hangers in power plants. This allows us to enhance the safe and reliable operation of piping and related power plant equipment. We can repair and maintain everything from cracked pipes to discrepancies in hanger loadings. The rope access specialists of IA will swiftly assess potential problems and offer solutions for necessary maintenance and repair tasks.

Radar Dishes

Rope access has also been recognized as a safe & effective method for replacing or installing radar dishes. Whether you own a hi-rise building or require a specialized installation option for your radar dish needs, the certified rope access technicians of IA can offer custom radar dish maintenance solutions.

Rope Access TrainingStandby Rescue

Utilizing our SPRAT training qualifications, our rope access team has the ability to self-rescue one another, and can safely lower the injured worker to the ground in a matter of minutes, when it really matters.  IA’s Safety Standby Services are tailored to meet the exact requirements of many types of high angle work, whether you are working in restraint, positioning, or a fall arrest system.

There are many reasons to use rope access, but one of the most popular benefits of rope access for industrial service is the cost savings and lower maintenance budget requirements. Because our methods are flexible and easily customizable to every project need, we can use rope access for a number of capabilities, not just the ones we’ve discussed above. Contact our rope access specialists for more information on how we can save money on your maintenance, repair, or inspection project by utilizing our innovative rope access techniques.


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