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Custom-Engineered Industrial Handrail Design & Build

At IA Mechanical, we customize and make many different components needed in and around the factory floor. Regardless of the specifications required at the plant, we can design and build a custom solution. Everything from the exact needs of the space to types of equipment to accommodate and beyond will be considered. One type of component that we specialize in is handrails.

industrial handrail fabrication for industrial plantHandrails play a vital part in workplace safety and come with many safety standards. At IA Mechanical, we work with any requirements to build a handrail system to work for your factory. With our many different types of handrails, we can combine options to accommodate any specifications.

Our Handrails

We are aware of the many different build codes that factories need to adhere to. We offer handrails that are OSHA, I.B.C. & ADA compliant. With handrails available in both round pipe and square tube designs to meet industrial or commercial handrail needs.

Types of handrail pieces:

  • Handrail posts – vertical posts that connect each horizontal post
  • Handrail swing gates – safe entryways that can be installed in your handrail system
  • Handrail horizontals – handrails that connect into vertical posts
  • Handrail kick plates – component of handrails that typically work with swing gates

Handrail Specifications:

  • 1 ¼” and 1 ½” sizes available to accommodate different applications
  • Mounting: Horizontal and Vertical mounting or Core mounting
  • Bright color to accommodate OSHA standards
  • Constructed from heavy-gauge steel to be strong and secure for factory use

Why choose Industrial Mechanical for your handrails?


Safety is the number one factor when it comes to building and maintaining a factory or plant. We make sure to meet and exceed all OSHA safety standards. We ensure that a high level of care and quality parts are used to take away the guessing game after install.

OSHA safety standard handrail system installDurable

Behind safety, we prioritize quality components that last a long time. Utilizing quality materials is a crucial step in building materials that will last. Strong and durable handrails minimize accidents and elongate the length of the product.


Durable components don’t have to mean a costly install or build quote. At IA Mechanical, we carefully pick materials that balance quality and affordability. All our handrail quotes can be customized to ensure that it fits your budget.

Quick & Easy Maintenance

The materials and way in which we build our handrails allow for easy and safe cleaning. With welded materials, minimal gaps remain to allow for a quick and thorough clean.

If you need assistance with handrails or handrail systems and components at your factory or plant, call IA Mechanical today. We offer many years of experience and value minimal downtime for all of our projects to save you money and time, but we never sacrifice the quality of service. When it comes to handrails, we prioritize durability so safety is never a concern. Call today for a specialized plan and quote for your factory.

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