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Tall Structure Repair & Maintenance

Tall Structure ServicesIndustrial Access can provide cost effective solutions at height. We have combined the specialized expertise of steeplejacks, rope access methods, and years of experience to provide innovative solutions for hard to reach places, no matter the height or location.

Each industry – from manufacturing to refining and power generation – has a number of tall structures that are unique.  Industrial Access is highly trained and equipped to manage all applications from inspections to repairs and maintenance. Whether inside or outside of large structures, our rope access capabilities allow us to effectively provide resolutions for tough tasks in difficult-to-reach locations.

Our experience spans across diverse fields, ranging from utility power plant chimneys, paper mill stacks and industrial chimney cleaning, to marine smokestacks, rigging and lifting, and steeple repair. Industrial Access exemplifies what can be achieved by adopting a modern safety management system. We have recognized the value of investing in occupational health and safety, so each job is completed to the highest safety standards and with the best workmanship possible.Bridge Services - Los Angeles CA

Bridges & Dams

IA specializes in inspection and maintenance for large structures like bridges and dams. From non-destructive testing to repairs and inspections, our technicians are capable of handling challenging tasks on a number of surfaces such as steel, concrete, or wood. Rope access techniques provide a cost-effective solution for work on bridges because lane and track closures can be minimized. Since dams and spillways cannot generally be walked on, rope access lets our crew safely inspect and repair these structures without expensive heavy equipment.

Church Steeples

Don’t defer maintenance and repairs on your church steeple due to the danger or expense of working in a location with limited access. Industrial Access has a crew full of highly trained steeplejacks that are capable of doing all restoration and repair services for church steeples or other tall structures that sit on top of buildings.

Light House ServicesLighthouses

Industrial Access has the ability to quickly and efficiently inspect, paint, restore, and repair lighthouses & surrounding structures by utilizing economical rope access methods. We preform brick and masonry repair, concrete structural assesments, and painting & waterproofing for lighthouses.

Radio Towers

In addition to our smokestack cleaning and repair services, Industrial Access also offers industrial rope access for repairs, inspection, structural assessments on radio towers and ground rods.  Using our innovative techniques, we can complete radio tower work in half the time and with less man hours & materials than traditional methods like scaffolding or heavy equipment. Here’s a look at radio tower and ground rod services we offer:

  • Climbing inspections
  • Industrial rope access
  • Hardware installation
  • Renovation
  • Spot welding
  • Structural repairs

Speak with an expert on Tall Structure Repair & Maintenance, contact us at: 877-697-9337 | 770-255-1313 – info@industrialaccess.com


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