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Air Cannon Cleaning

Air cannons are an effective solution to ensure that silos, bins, and storage vessels have no buildup. For your company, this means less of your company’s valuable assets are wasted. Unlike other cleaning methods, air cannons are permanent fixtures installed on a storage vessel which drastically reduces set-up time for each clean.

Regular maintenance that comes from air cannon blasts can save you money in the long run so consider installing an air cannon system on your silo, bin, or storage vessel. Industrial Access can install air cannons on your company’s storage vessels to save you time and money from unexpected silo buildups that you could encounter otherwise.

air cannon silo and storage vessel cleaning

How do air cannons work?

Depending on the type of buildup your storage vessel is encountering determines how many air cannons should be installed as well as the best placement for the air cannons. Air cannons are mounted to the storage vessel, works with solenoid valves, check valves, airline kits, and a sequence-timer. Once the air cannons are installed, compressed air is forced into the inside of the storage vessel to knock off buildup inside various types of storage containers.

Air cannon systems are designed to make sure that your bulk material flows as it should and that you have the most storage space possible by minimizing buildup on the vessel walls. Additionally, there are high-temperature air cannons available made with special material to operate in temperatures up to 400° F. Several different nozzle types are also available to ensure the best results possible given your specific situation or storage vessel type.

The air cannon system is especially effective if you have a concrete structure since this type of structure cannot be vibrated. Additionally, wood chips, soybean meal, corn gluten feed, prepared and return foundry sand, and ores are amongst the most popular materials that air cannons are used on.

Why it’s an effective solution?

Convenient & Affordable

Due to air cannons’ permanent fixture on your silo, bin, or storage unit, maintenance and cleaning are made easier and quicker. Less set-up time means less overall facility downtime, which saves you money in the long run. Additionally, this method increases productivity as it’s a simple one-step maintenance process, meaning our workers can be in and out quickly resulting in a more affordable service for you.

Enhanced Safety

This method allows for enhanced safety as workers don’t have to manually rectify blockages inside the silo, bin, or storage vessel. Not only does this minimized disruption in your production time, but it also increases safety for everyone involved in the process. An added benefit of air cannons is the ability to be used to dispense carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen inside a silo to put out a fire.

If your company is experience silo, bin, or storage vessel blockage and needs cleaning or maintenance, Industrial Access can help; no job is too big or complex for us. We will save you time, money, and downtime as we get your valuable assets flowing as usual.

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