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Gunite Refractory Lining System for Industrial Chimneys

Gunite Refractory LiningIndustrial Access specializes in Gunite Refractory Linings for industrial chimneys, smokestacks, furnaces, tanks, and pipelines. Properly installed gunite linings help plants & facilities benefit from reduced energy cost, less maintenance requirements and fewer emissions, which means a better outcome for the environment and meeting strict EPA regulations.

Gunite Refractory linings allow for higher exhaust temperatures, eliminating secondary combustion and keeping excessive discharge of unburned fuel particles from escaping into the surrounding atmosphere. This type of lining produces higher initial firing temperatures which helps to produce greater fuel efficiency and cut down on fuel costs.

Gunite Refractory linings install quicker and easier thanks to a greater latitude of lining possibilities such as density, weight, and abrasion values. Gunite provides protection for concrete and steel surfaces from the effects of high temperatures, thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack by mild acids or alkalies. Industrial Access offers Gunite Refractory lining services to oil refineries, power plants, and other industrial facilities across the globe.   Using our innovative techniques, we are able to work on short schedule shutdowns while still maintaining the highest level of safety and quality.

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