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Safety Standby

Safety Standby ServicesAny job done at extreme heights must adhere to strict SPRAT requirements and regulations. Each and every operation that involves high angle work needs to be properly planned and controlled in case of an emergency situation. Provisions must be made ahead of time to plan for safety rescue of fallen or incapacitated workers.

In case of an accident, injured workers may be left suspended in difficult to reach locations. In typical situations, it takes hours before the injured worker can be safely rescued by medical personnel.  Utilizing SPRAT training, our technicians have the ability to self rescue one another, and can safely lower the injured worker to the ground in minutes.  Since these situations are highly dangerous and time sensitive, crews must be ready with a quick and effective emergency and rescue plan.

IA’s Safety Standby Services are tailored to meet the exact requirements of many types of high angle work, whether you are:

  • Working in Restraint – when performing tasks close to an edge, workers are tethered to prevent falls
  • Positioning – when performing high angle tasks by hanging in tension from a system off the ground
  • Fall Arrest – when working from a high access system, workers are tethered to prevent falls

Our training and specialized equipment helps us manage work-at-height safety & rescue solutions for highly unique activities that require work over water, in confined spaces, or tall structures.

Industrial Access will rig systems, manage access, and provide assistance for non-specialist personnel who are required to work at high for inspection, maintenance, or repair work.

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