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Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Chimney & Smokestack Inspections

Industrial Access performs a number of Non Destructive tests to help determine the structural integrity of industrial chimneys, smokestacks, or buildings.

Non Destructive Testing on smokestackIndustrial structures like chimneys & smokestacks are subject to constant wear and tear. Stressors such as temperature excursions, chemical attack, wind loading, and even natural events like harsh weather conditions or seismic occurrences can all lead to the deterioration of important components in your chimney & venting systems. There are a number of Non Destructive tests that can be performed to quickly & easily identify problems with structural integrity.

NDT methods are designed to examine the condition & strength of a structure in a manner that does not affect its usefulness or performance. In other words, no physical samples are removed and no damage is done to the structure in any way.

NDT methods are used to establish baseline measurements and subsequent periodic readings of structural characteristics such as the material’s surface hardness, density, thickness and temperature.  These details can support sound choices for future repair or replacement expenditures.

Industrial Access performs the following NDT methods:

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UT)

This test determines the relative thickness of the material at various coordinates, to help identify and detect any areas that may be deteriorating or thinning.

Schmidt (Swiss) Hammer Testing

Also known as the Rebound Hammer test, this NDT method estimates the strength of concrete based on surface hardness along with resistance to penetration. This is the most frequently used method worldwide for non-destructive testing of concrete and structural components on industrial chimneys and smokestacks and other concrete structures.

Infared Thermography

This technology allows us to scan stacks, ducts, vessels, pipes or other equipment to identify differences in surface temperature that could indicate a problem. Areas showing abnormally high readings often indicated trouble such as missing or damaged refractory holes, or cracks that allow hot flue gas to come into direct contact with steel, or to leak into the atmosphere. Other problems could be failing expansion joints, gaskets or valves. This tool gives our technicians the ability to better locate and diagnose problems with the equipment on-line.

smokestack inspection

Laser Surveys

A Laser Survey allows us to accurately measure the distance, angle and other physical characteristics of structures to help determine if any deviations have developed over the course of its life. All measurements taken during the survey are then compared to the data from its original construction measurements.

Hot Camera Inspection

During this NDT, an insulated video camera is lowered down the operating chimney or smokestack while it is still online. This examination can identify & detect large deficiencies like damaged or missing brickwork and deteriorating liners.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

This non-destructive testing method detects surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities ferromagnetic materials and their alloys by magnetizing the component and then looking for a leakage field to identify cracks and vulnerabilities.

Because NDT methods are comparatively inexpensive and require little to no facility outages, they have become a popular choice for testing structural integrity during chimney & smokestack inspections.

Petrographic Testing

Petrographic testing examines numerous characteristics of concrete to determine if there is a problem in the condition of the structure. It can also identify the underlying cause or reason a concrete structure has failed.

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