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Petrochemical Plants and Rope Access Inspections

Rope Access for Petrochemicall PlantsThe structures and piping in petrochemical plants require specialized access for maintenance, inspections and repairs. Scaffolding, man lifts, and crane baskets not only increase risk exposure, but also crowd work spaces and add a significant expense to the project. Rope access, on the other hand, provides rope access services that can efficiently and effectively deal with any repair or maintenance task with a significant reduction of cost.

The rope access crew at Industrial Access, Inc. has been performing rope access inspections and repairs for nearly two decades. Not only does each and every member undergo extensive training for rope access methods, they also are trained in special maintenance and inspection disciplines that relate directly to the unique challenges of petrochemical plants.

From thorough top to bottom inspection services to traditional & advanced NDT services to repair, corrosion mitigation, coatings & painting services, and structural repairs, rope access is the perfect option for refineries and petrochemical facilities. The rope access methods utilized by IA are able to reduce costs by eliminating scaffolding & man-hour expenses. Plus, risk exposure is reduced significantly through the deployment of smaller crews with more specialized training.

In many cases, rope access is the only viable means of access for a specific component or structure within a petrochemical plant. Rope access crews have the ability to climb, descend, or move horizontally with a minimum amount of gear and workspace. Plus, a crew of rope access technicians can be deployed in a fraction of the time it would take for scaffolding to be erected to complete the same project. That means minimized disruption and quicker project completion times.

Cases studies have shown that by utilizing a trained crew of rope access specialists, plant managers at petrochemical plants can realize yearly cost savings close to $1.98 million with generalized inspection & maintenance programs. It’s important to note that cost savings can be gained even at just 30 feet of work at height which means rope access shouldn’t be limited to only tall structures or high access points.

Industrial Access, Inc. is a world-leader at rope access services and our dedicated crew and highly experienced engineers can create custom solutions for whatever your petrochemical plant and facility require. Contact our team at 877-277-7173


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