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Concrete Chimneys / Concrete Stacks

Concrete chimney repairIndustrial Access’s crew of professional chimney techs are highly trained and capable of handling repairs and restoration services for concrete industrial chimneys and smokestacks.

Concrete is an extremely popular material for the construction of chimneys and silos. As with brick, concrete chimneys require routine observation & maintenance to ensure trouble-free operations. Unlike the defects associated with brick chimneys, concrete structures are subject to unique problems.

Common issues affecting concrete chimneys are hairline cracks & shrinkage cracks. Hairline cracks can form on industrial chimneys due to wind loading, or movement & swaying caused by strong wind gusts. Shrinkage cracks are found on a majority of concrete structures and happen during construction as the concrete dries.

When moisture enters through these cracks, erosion begins to take place. Rain and snow are drawn through these cracks by capillary action, and begin to erode the steel reinforcing bars which causes spalling. Concrete is also prone to chloride & carbonation attack due to environmental surroundings.

An internal problem that affects concrete chimneys is acid attack. If the acid-resistant lining in the chimney or stack fails, gas can leak through open mortar joints or defective refractory lining and will condense and erode the internal face of the concrete chimney. Over time, this defect will appear on the chimney exterior as rust-colored staining.

Without a regular inspection, concrete structures can begin to deteriorate from the inside out. If you notice loose concrete spalling falling to ground level or rust stains on the outside of your concrete stack, it’s time to call in chimney repair experts.

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