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industrial silo inspection services

Industrial Access, Inc. is your go-to industrial silo service contractor for superior silo inspection services. Many silos still in use today actually date back 40 to 50 years or more.  While silos may appear to be indestructible, proper maintenance and repairs are required to keep them structurally sound and effective. Weather, usage, and age can all play a role in deterioration, corrosion, and degradation of both metal and concrete silo structures.

Without periodic inspections to uncover potential structural integrity issues, silos can collapse with little to no warning. A catastrophic failure is always costly in terms of damage to facilities and potential downtime.  They have also resulted in loss of life for personnel in the path of a collapse.

The signs of degradation and the failures observed during a thorough silo inspection are different for concrete and metal silos. Concrete silos can begin to show signs of deterioration in the form of silo wall delamination, spalling, cracks and rebar corrosion. Metal silos show deterioration signs that include heavy rust and corrosion, thinning metal, visible holes, wall deformations and cracks.

Prevention is the most effective method to ensure the integrity of any concrete or steel structure, especially for a storage silo. A proactive maintenance and inspection program will increase the life of your industrial silo and ensure the safety of workers near your structures.

silo inspection

Regular inspections are necessary to help identify potential deficiencies which can increase the risk of structural collapse. Based on inspection results, preventive maintenance can be performed to avoid larger, more expensive repairs further down the road.

The cost of preventive maintenance and repair is minimal when compared to the financial and physical toll that a catastrophic collapse can have on your business.  If your industrial silo is showing signs of degradation or you are unsure of its current structural condition, contact our industrial silo experts to schedule a thorough inspection service.  We will inspect & implement maintenance procedures to assess the condition of your storage systems and, ultimately, avoid failures.

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