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Fiberglass Stacks / FRP Smokestack Repair & Maintenance

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic RepairWith a need for easily & quickly erected structures that provide a long service life and generate fast economic payback, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) material has become increasingly popular in construction. FRP plates & building products improve constructability, lower installation costs, and lengthen sustainability & service life, which is why they are rapidly gaining recognition across a number of industries. These materials require less maintenance and are resistant to rot & corroding in most environments.

Whether you need to repair your current fiberglass reinforced plastic structure or you want to enhance a general structure with FRP plates or wrap, Industrial Access has you covered. We have a wide range of experience & knowledge that allows us to meet our clients’ needs in a wide range of construction environments, such as Bridges, Columns, Piles, Pipes, Penstock, Culverts, Blast Mitigation, Seismic Retrofit, Water Tanks, Stanchions, and more!

Many concrete structures can even be repaired with FRP materials. Stress cracks, shrinkage cracks, delamination, fractures, and voids can easily be renewed using this new technology.

To learn more about our fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) industrial chimney repair solutions, contact the experts at Industrial Access.
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