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Rope Access Safety StandardsIndustrial Access remains compliant with all safety regulations set out by OSHA and SPRAT. Safety is our number one priority and we maintain a high level of safety standards on every job.

Industrial Access realizes the importance of having each employee strictly follow Occupational Safety and Health administration (OSHA) procedures, so every technician is continuously monitored & evaluated on their performance of adhering to these safety standards.

To learn more about our commitment to safety, and our rigorous training and certification programs, check out the following webpages:

Safety Commitments

We know that we need to invest in a commitment to safety in order to protect your company and our crew during high angle tasks. We are committed to maintaining a safe working environment for all of our employees and clients.


We are dedicated to delivering outstanding service as well. That’s why each of our technicians acquire a number of certifications that are pertinent to the industries we work within. Each certification allows our team to remain current with the highest industry standards of safety and skill-related knowledge.


The Industrial Access Training Center provides our employees the industry-leading training in rope access, chimney climbing, rescue, and fall protection. Each Industrial Access technician is SPRAT certified.

To speak with an expert on our Training and Safety Commitments, call us at: 877-697-9337 | 770-255-1313 or Email: info@industrialaccess.com

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