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Clean Out Process

Oftentimes, bulk material storage units require more than one method to completely clean out any blockage that may occur. The primary method of cleanings, such as Cardox blasting, air cannons, or any other method we offer, usually takes care of most of the blockage. However, after this process is complete, a more specialized and focused clean-out may be required to finish the job.

silo material build up creating flow issues

How do we ensure a thorough clean-out?

Our team at Industrial Access is skilled in rope access to allow for a thorough and complete clean-out. Crew members are lowered down into the silo, bin, or storage vessel from the top of the structure with ropes. Our crew members go through extensive training to ensure the safest and most efficient rope access techniques. This not only keeps our crew and your environment safe but also minimizes the time required to complete the clean-out.

Once crew members are lowered into the storage vessel, they use jackhammers to loosen the last bit of debris left behind after the first cleaning method. The amount of debris left to clean out varies by job and severity of the blockage. Once whatever remaining debris is loosened, the crew members use hand shovels to clear the silo, bin, or storage vessel. This multi-step and personalized process makes sure the blockage is completely taken care of.

What can I do to avoid silo, bin, or storage vessel blockage?

Several things can lead to blockage of your companies’ silo, bin, or storage vessel – even weather conditions can contribute to this. Storage vessel blockage means lost assets and downtime for your company, which means lost money. To avoid this, we suggest keeping up with regular maintenance on your bulk materials storage units. For most storage vessels, it’s suggested to schedule a clean-out every three months or so. This maintenance consists of the clean-out process outlined above.

silo cleaning of bulk material build up

Is this method safe?

It is! Our crew consists of certified rope access technicians. Each technician is SPRAT III and IRATA certified and undergoes continuous training to make sure all knowledge is fresh and up-to-date. To ensure that our crew is prepared for rope access, we even build simulation models to practice for jobs that may be pose challenges to our crew. Our clients can rest easy knowing that we have a safe history and hold our crew to the highest of standards. We maintain this level of safety to provide the most efficient clean-out process in the market for our clients.

If your company is experiencing silo, bin, or storage vessel blockage or needs regular cleaning or maintenance, Industrial Access can help; no job is too big or complex for us. Skip the additional cost of hiring several companies by choosing us because we have the skills and capabilities to complete any job from beginning to end. We will save you time, money, and downtime as we get your valuable assets flowing as usual as quickly as possible.

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