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Commodity Storage Inspection, Cleaning & Repair

One of the largest industries that use silos, bins, and other forms of bulk storage are various commodity providers. These companies store products such as corn, soy, wheat, sugar, and other commodities and require reliable and structurally sound storage vessels.

Blocked Material and mold growth in silo

Companies rely on their product staying safe from contaminants and flowing as usual for business purposes. However, these structures can be subject to several potential problems. Industrial Access can help with cleanout, though. No problem is too large or difficult for us to solve and get your company’s assets flowing as usual.

Potential Problems


Mold production is a detrimental conflict that some business owner’s run into. A small amount of mold can destroy a whole bin if it isn’t caught. Dehumidifiers are an important tool to prevent the growth of mold inside storage bins. Not only will this lessen the moisture inside, but it will also promote lower temperatures and less of a breeding ground for unwanted growth and certain pests.


Connected to mold growth, if not caught early, a storage unit can become overrun with unwanted pests and insects. This is another reason why regulating the temperature and humidity is important to promote a clean and healthy environment inside storage units.

Storage Time

If materials aren’t kept in great conditions, there runs the risk of company assets spoiling or starting to go bad while in storage units. The better the conditions, the longer the freshness. Since many of these commodities must pass FDA regulations, there are specific cleaning protocols to encourage the healthiest environment.

Blocked Material

Over time, your company’s assets can get stuck inside your storage vessels. Two common issues that occur in silos are Arching/Bridging and Ratholing in which material flow is blocked and requires professional assistance to rectify. Regular maintenance can assist in avoiding these situations; however, Industrial Access has several solutions if you find yourself in this situation.

General Maintenance/Wearing

In addition to specific issues or infestations hitting your storage bins, it’s also important to do regular maintenance on all storage vessels. Things such as keeping up on paint jobs can provide a weather-tight seal to ensure moisture-free storage areas. Industrial Access can work with your current situation to help make sure the right care and attention are being provided to all of your company’s assets and storage containers.

Commodity Storage vessel cleaning

Potential Solutions

Cardox Blasting

Cardox blasting utilizes controlled blasting that breaks up and loosens material that may be causing a blockage inside a storage vessel.

Bin Whipping

Powered by compressed air, Bin Whips allow for a variety of motions to knock off built-up material.

Air Cannons

Air cannons are permanent fixtures installed on a storage vessel that shoot compressed air into storage vessels to knock off the buildup.

Air Lance

A drill that can break through bridging powered by compressed air, and remotely controlled for safety.

While every situation is unique when it comes to storage unit complications, the above are a few popular methods that we use. Regardless of your issue or situation, Industrial Access can come up with a personalized approach that is just right for your company.

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