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Maintenance Plan

Storage vessel

We understand that unexpected costs are hard for your company. That’s why we recommend regular maintenance and attention for all kilns, silos, bins, and storage vessels. Doing so minimizes the risk of a blockage building up inside your storage units. It also ensures that your storage vessels are clean and flowing freely so you can provide the best product to your clients.

Preventative care for storage vessels

Preventative Care

Even with a regularly scheduled maintenance plan, there are a few things that companies can do to further minimize the risk of flow issues. The more attention given to silos, bins, and vessels on a normal basis, the less money required for upkeep. Below are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about storage vessel maintenance.

Check your roofs

A lot of times, structural damage to a storage vessel stems from the roof. Between weather conditions, sun exposure, and possible debris falling on top of it, there is room for wear and tear. Because of this, it’s important to make sure no cracks or peeling are present on the roof of your structure. Not only could this turn into a bigger issue down the road, but it can also impact the quality of your product, causing a costly hit to business.

Check the storage vessel external surface

While many structures are made of strong products, such as metal or concrete, over time even these can break down or experience damage. Corrosion, cracks, or buckling can all indicate that there is a serious foundational issue within the storage unit, and it requires attention as soon as possible.

Keep up with regular maintenance plan

Once you schedule a maintenance appointment, it’s important to keep up with these on a regular basis. While the exact schedule may vary by situation, IA Mechanical can assist and guide your company in determining the best approach for you.

What does a maintenance plan consist of?

IA Mechanical offers several different silo cleaning methods, and we can work with your company to determine the right maintenance plan or course of action for any blockage issues you may be experiencing. However, typically, our routine maintenance entails tasks such as removing material buildup before it becomes a full blockage and checking for warning signs to prevent future blockages. This is important for your company because this regular attention can mean the difference between keeping the storage vessel in production or having to shut down to deal with larger flow issues.

Routine maintenance for silo flow issues

During a routine maintenance cleaning, you can expect to see the following services performed:

  • Airflow system check
  • Professional, top to bottom cleaning
  • Complete silo emptying to avoid hydrating and allow for a more thorough clean

Not only will keeping up with a regular maintenance plan lessen the chances of unexpected disruptions to business, but it will also save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. Make sure to keep up with in-house prevention and call IA Mechanical to schedule your routine maintenance cleaning.

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