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Video Gallery

Industrial Chimney Stack Replacement

Our rope access crew performs an industrial steel chimney stack replacement at a concrete / cement power plant. The entire project was completed in 12 days from the initial inspection.

Inspection of Floating Crane

Check out our team performing an inspection on the world's largest floating crane. Join our crews as they climb the structure and perform inspection and structural testing.

Rope Access Techs Inspect & Repair Industrial Chimneys

Follow along with our SPRAT Certified rope access teams as they work on smokestacks and super tall structures - repairing, painting and testing for defects.

Power Plant Inspection & Repair

We used a drone to capture footage of our crew as we worked on some repairs for a concrete stack that required immediate attention at a local power plant.

Rusted Power Plant Chimney Removal & Replacement

Our crew replaced the top of the 40' foot steel power plant stack, added a gunite refractory liner, and repainted the top of the stack all in 9 days.

Smokestack Coating and Painting

Watch this time lapse video of our rope access crew coating a concrete stack in poor condition. Not only does it look better, it has an extra layer of protection from environmental conditions.

Industrial Chimney Inspection

The IA crew performs an inspection and repairs on a 600' industrial chimney smoke stack, including cap, lightning protection, ladder system, Saftey Climb, windscreen concrete repair, stay rod adjustment and replacement, and platforms.

Windmill Turbine Cleaning

After a seal busted on this wind turbine Industrial Access Inc. was hired to come in and clean the oil and residue from the nacelle, hub, blades and tower.

Industrial Chimney Painting

Time lapse video of industrial chimney stack lead abatement and painting services for a 600' tall stack. We painted it FAA orange and white, using Pretox 8000 lead stabilizer and Tnemec paint.

Collapsed Smokestack Removal

Watch our crew inspect the damage of a fallen industrial chimney smoke stack at a US papermill. We were able to quickly mobilize a team to remove this collapsed chimney in just a couple of days.

Rope Access Technicians and Solutions

Watch our rope access crew working on a variety of tall structures including refineries, chimneys, and towers. Our pros install a refractory gunite liner of borosilicate block and provide inspections & repairs for chimneys & smokestacks.

A day in the life of rope access technicians

Watch our Industrial Access team perform various high-access jobs like painting, inspecting, and repairing industrial chimneys and smokestacks using our innovative rope access techniques.

Tall Smokestack Inspection with Rope Access

In this video, one of our favorite Foreman inspects a tall power plant industrial chimney by scaling down the side of the structure using our rope access harnesses. This is the best way to spot vulnerabilities that can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Large Smokestack Inspection

Watch a member of the IA team perform a full inspection of a very tall smokestack at a US power plant. This superstack was an incredibly large structure to undertake, but our team can handle just about anything!

Hydroblasting the interior of an industrial chimney

This interior of this chimney had layers of buildup that we hydroblasted away so that we could perform a proper inspection and repairs.

FRP Industrial Chimney

FRP industrial smokestack chimney with condensate flowing out. This particular venting system uses a scrubber and is very clean.

At the top of an Industrial Chimney

Our IA crew arrives at the top of a large chimney / smokestack to perform an inspection and determine if any repairs need to be addressed. Check out our rigging system!

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