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Increasing Safety with Drone Inspection Services

Credit: Flyability.com ELIOS Drone

Industrial Access, Inc. has always had safety and efficiency of a project as a top concern when engineering custom solutions. We’ve recently added the ELIOS drone to our arsenal of industrial inspection tools to help increase the level of safety we can provide at every job site. Seeking better ways to inspect structures that are extremely high or in tight or cluttered spaces has led to the adoption of Drone Inspection services. By using our ELIOS drone to identify potential hazards before they become dangerous, we are able to utilize the data and drone mapping collected from the preliminary inspection run to improve efficiency and overall safety for workers.

Our Drone Inspection services are designed to gather data & photographic evidence from areas of a structure or job site that were previously inaccessible or expensive to access –  all from the comfort and safety of the ground. The crew at Industrial Access, Inc. can improve site safety by using ELIOS as a remote visual inspection tool in any hazardous places or dangerous situations that may pose a risk to workers. The drone is designed to fly in crowded or tight spaces and can ascend to great heights in order to gather visuals of hard-to-access locations on your structure.

By using the data collected from the drone during the preliminary inspection, our team can identify areas of concern and create a plan to address any deficiencies or need for repairs utilizing our rope access methods. Without a preliminary inspection via the ELIOS drone, our team would have to go over every inch or a structure in person which can increase time needed to complete the project and require more manpower. When we are able to do more from the ground, we provide a safer job site for both our rope access crew and the workers at the plant or facility.

At Industrial Access, we not only want to help keep workers safe while completing industrial inspections, but also deliver fast & effective inspection results and the ELIOS drone allows us to accomplish both! Contact us today to learn more about how our ELIOS drone can help complete inspections accurately and without risk of harm to inspectors or factory & plant workers.

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