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Maintenance Plans

Industrial Chimney & Smokestack Cleaning / Maintenance

It’s important to ensure that your facility’s industrial chimneys & smokestacks are in proper working order.

smokestack repair

This means having regular cleaning and inspections performed to help determine and identify potential problems. If these structures aren’t working as they should, they can cause hazards to health and safety, as well as environmental concerns. A regular cleaning and inspection can help determine and identify potential threats or problems.

Regular Maintenance Programs

Investing in a regular maintenance program for your industrial chimneys and smokestacks can help maintain compliance with regulations, prevent untimely plant shutdowns, and help save money by addressing issues before they turn into expensive unplanned repairs.

Industrial Access’s team of highly skilled rope access technicians offer inspections, on site repairs, hydroblasting and painting & refinishing of industrial structures like chimneys, smokestacks, vessels, ductwork, wind turbines, and more.

Taking advantage of our chimney maintenance plans will prove to be a worthwhile investment. We team up with facility owners and plant managers to help ensure that regulations are being met and that all chimneys and smokestacks are performing efficiently and safely.

smokestack server and repairSmokestack Inspections Typically Include:

  •  Full interior and exterior rope access chimney & smokestack climbing inspections
  • Infared Themographic inspection to identify “hot spots”
  • Binocular and telephoto zoom video inspections performed to assess initial chimney condition
  • Closed Circuit videotaped television smokestack inspections
  • Laser surveys, ultrasonic testing and core sampling to determine structural integrity
  • Hot Camera inspections (up to 600 °F) performed on-line
  • Detailed chimney inspection reports containing repair recommendations and budgetary costs
  • Inspections and reports performed by professional engineers
  • Hydroblasting and debris removal
  • Structural analysis testing
  • Post-inspection verbal report of findings from foreman/inspector
  • On Site Repairs
  • Painting and Refinishing

Schedule your Industrial Chimney or Smokestack cleaning and maintenance, or speak to one of our qualified experts at: 877-697-9337 | 770-255-1313 – info@industrialaccess.com

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