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Concrete Boiler Stack Access & Cleanup

Industrial Access recently completed Liner Repairs and Duct Cleanout Services on a Boiler Stack. A swing stage was assembled at grade, then lifted to the top of the stack with a helicopter.


Cement Calciner Repaired After Scaffold Failure

When an interior scaffolding inside a cement calciner accidentally collapsed, Industrial Access was contracted for an emergency mobilization to perform priority repair work to address the situation.


Papermill Kiln Cleaning Using Cardox Blasting

A papermill in the eastern United States was experiencing heavy buildup in their rotary lime kiln. Industrial Access solved the problem by implementing Cardox blasting as a solution.


Steel Stack Extension & Renovation

Industrial Access was contracted to perform elaborate renovation work on a steel stack. The crew installed an extension to the existing stack, relevant appurtenances, and new refractory system.


Structurally Failed Chimney Reinforced

Industrial Access carried out repairs designed to rehabilitate the structure to stable condition. Strategic repair solutions restored this failing chimney to its operational efficiency and ensured its safety and reliability.


Coating and Painting Of Steel Stacks

A casino contracted Industrial Access for coating services of their decorative steel stacks. The structures were washed and prepped, and a new coating system was installed.


Dry Stack Drainage System Repair

A power plant was dealing with severe clogging and corrosion in their boiler stack drain cones. Our Techs were contracted to demolish, replace and upgrade the system.


River Dam Repair & Piping Installation

The crew cleared the spillway gates of vegetation debris and replaced the deteriorating sonar pipes. We have the experience to handle inaccessible structures like dams.



A FGD wet stack at a power plant was in need of a maintenance repair plan that would restore its longevity and exterior protective surface system.


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