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Rope Access

Rope Access ServicesWhen it comes to working at height, in tight spaces, or in difficult-to-reach areas, industrial rope access provides cost-effective and quick solutions that can help facility owners save money & time. The development of rope access for industrial services like structural inspections, smokestack & chimney repair, and painting & restoration has not only increased safety standards for the technicians working at height, but it also provides a cost-effective way for companies to deal with repairs and inspections in their factories and plants. Rope access work also saves a considerable amount of time when compared to traditional scaffolding. These innovative methods answer the need for a simple, safe, and adaptable way to reach challenging locations.

Industrial Access is capable of utilizing rope access methods to complete a wide range of services like inspections and repairs on tall or industrial structures worldwide. Here’s a look at services we provide with rope access capabilities:

Unique Solutions

IA offers solutions for tasks which are challenging due to lack of easy access. We are a leader in the provision of alternative access and safe working-at-height solutions. Our innovative rope access methods enable us to deliver many cost effective solutions to our clients that minimize or eliminate downtime and have quick turnaround.

Tall Structures

Industries like manufacturing, refining, paper production, and power generation all have structures that are unique to the type of production done at each facility. Industrial Access is highly trained and equipped to manage all applications from inspections to repairs and maintenance on these structures. We also handle repair, inspection, and restoration services for bridges, dams, church steeples, radio towers, and lighthouses.

Safety Standby

Any job done at extreme heights must adhere to OSHA, MSHA & SPRAT regulations. Our training and specialized equipment helps us manage work-at-height safety & rescue solutions for highly unique activities that require work over water, in confined spaces, or tall structures.


Industrial Access is a world leader at smokestack maintenance and repair. We have become the company of choice when it comes time for yearly inspections and repair management for plants & facilities from a wide range of industries. We also offer paint and resurfacing services for industrial smokestacks.

Industrial Chimneys

Our industrial chimney professionals are highly trained to handle a number of different industrial chimney needs, from inspections to repairs, painting, and lining. We identify and repair hairline crevices, shrinkage cracks, spalling, and liner deterioration before they turn into expensive repairs.


When it comes to tanks, silos, and vessels, Industrial Access offers cleaning, coating & painting, maintenance, and repair services to clients from industries like oil refining, petrochemical, power generation, and paper production.


Industrial Access can improve the efficiency of your plant by inspecting, cleaning and repairing your breaching ducts.  Our experienced technicians utilize rope access techniques to perform inspections to economizer ducts, recovery boiler breaching ducts and other types of ductwork.

Safety Improvements

Industrial Access offers safety improvement services, such as ladder, fall arrest, & Saf-T-Climb repairs and replacement. We monitor ladders and fall protection systems on everything from industrial chimneys to metal stacks, and even on tanks, towers, and silos.

To speak with an expert on Rope Access repairs, maintenance, & inspections, contact us at: 877-697-9337 | 770-255-1313 – info@industrialaccess.com

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