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Structural Repairs
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Structural Repairs

Industrial Steel, Concrete, Pipe, and Other Repairs

IA Mechanical provides many structural repair services for different aspects of plants and facilities, including all units and structures. We offer services that include steel and concrete repairs, corrosion control, structural upgrades and retrofitting, as well as many other services that facilities may need. IA Mechanical prioritizes quick and high-quality services for all clients to ensure your company is running the business as usual.

industrial facility steel repairsAt a facility, it is common and likely to encounter structural issues at some point in the operation. At IA Mechanical, we can assist with any service your facility needs, including structural repairs. We work closely with each client to ensure we build a plan that works for your facility. We prioritize minimal downtime to get the business running normally as quickly as possible. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the services that we offer.

Services we offer:

• Steel Repairs – structural repairs for structures made of steel
• Concrete Repairs –
structural repairs for structures made of concrete – this can include the foundation or any aspect of the structure
• Corrosion Control –
help to protect your structure from regular exposure to weather and excess water
• Pipe Repair –
repair pipes throughout your facility from time to time to control unexpected and costly failures
• Coatings, Linings, and Waterproofing –
speak with IA Mechanical to determine the best approach for protecting and elongating the life of your structure
• Fireproofing –
protect your structure from any potential risk of fire exposure
• Structural Upgrades & Retrofitting –
as products and structures age, it’s important to perform upgrades to ensure the best performance
• Equipment Foundations –
the most important component of a structure is the foundation, and equipment needs strong foundations as well
• FRP Wraps –
fiberglass reinforced plastic helps to protect and extend the life of products on your structure

tank and silo repairsWe offer emergency and maintenance services to accommodate the unexpected and lessen the chances of any inconveniences. Many of the above-listed services may require immediate attention, so we are available to make service trips when you need them. Some services, however, can be prevented through regular maintenance. We can work with you to determine the best approach when it comes to a maintenance plan if you’re interested in avoiding bigger issues down the line.

Our top priority for every job we complete is safety. Our team is fully trained and highly qualified to complete any job while maintaining everyone’s safety. We have a team of highly skilled engineers, project managers, and skilled technicians. Our team members work with your facility manager to determine the best approach for the issue at hand.

If you are interested in learning more about all the structural repair services we offer for any aspects of your plant or factory, call IA Mechanical today. Even if the service is not listed above, we can work with each facility to reach a solution. We value consistent high-quality work with minimal downtime to save you money and time while consistently providing an expert experience.

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