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Pittsburgh PA Capabilities

Industrial Plant Custom Engineered Solutions

Industrial Access performs several services for industrial plants and facilities in Pittsburgh PA, Carnegie PA, Mount Oliver PA, Baldwin, PA, Millvale PA, and the surrounding towns and communities.

Boiler Stack inspection and repairs in St Paul MN, the Twin Cities and Minneapolis MNRope access methods have grown in popularity at facilities for many reasons. These methods make hard-to-reach or tall height tasks obtainable. Providing a more cost-effective and safer solution than traditional methods, it’s no question why our clients love it. Since it’s a very specific task, we require all our rope access technicians to be SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) certified, which is the highest level of certifications in this field.

Not only can rope access methods make the impossible obtainable, but they also assist with routine maintenance completed at regular heights. These methods are easier and more cost effective to deploy inside a structure since they don’t require scaffolding setup and takedown — which is a timely task.

Below are several capabilities that Industrial Access can perform in and around Pittsburgh, PA.

Services & Capabilities Performed

Bridge Services & Inspections

Bridge services need to be as quick as possible to limit impact to drivers. Rope access methods allows for minimal lane and track closures. Through these methods non-destructive testing, repairs, and structural inspections are made easy and safe on several surfaces such as steel, concrete, or wood.

Boiler Inspection

Our Industrial Access Mechanical company services industrial boilers providing expertise in boiler maintenance, boiler repair, boiler replacement and retrofitting equipment to improve capabilities and achieve optimal performance.

Structural Survey & Inspection

We use rope access methods to perform structural surveys and identify defects, causes, the urgency of repairs, maintenance, and more. These surveys and inspections are the most thorough evaluation of a structure's condition and can help save your company money through early detection.

Slope Stabilization

We perform slope stabilization services with customized methods. Our team installs anchored reaction blocks for steep slopes or large retaining walls. Minimize erosion and prevent it from becoming a safety issue for construction crews and the public by enlisting IA for help.

Bridge Pier Inspection

Rope access techniques make work on piers, wharves, and bridges easy. Hands-on inspections of the above-water bridge and pier decks are made easy with rope access methods and ensures the structural integrity of all key components of the structure.

Bridge Pier Inspection and Repairs in Pittsburg PA, McKees Rocks PA,  and Imperial PA

Rigging Services

We pair heavy lifting and rigging equipment with our innovative rope access methods to expedite clean-up at your facility. Our innovative techniques can help move large and cumbersome debris at the site.

Sand Blasting / Surface Preparation

Sandblasting industrial structures is a great preliminary step and allows for an easier job moving forward whether painting or sealing. Our rope access methods save time and allows us easier access to tall structures.

Gunite Application

Gunite liners and coatings can be applied to industrial chimneys, furnaces, tanks, smokestacks, and pipelines to reduce energy costs, provide fewer maintenance requirements, and produce fewer emissions. They can also help the life of your structure.

Glazing Inspection & Repair

Glazing glass windows and building structures is a careful task at tall heights requiring extreme caution and safety measures. To prevent water ingress, regular maintenance is required. From annual glazing maintenance, glazing surveys, and inspections, or glazing cleanings, Industrial Access uses rope access methods to get the job done.

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

Our team performs NDT to examine the condition and strength of tall or hard-to-access structures. We use the following NDT methods to offer quick and cost-efficient structural testing:

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UT)
  • Schmidt (Swiss) Hammer Testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Laser Surveys
  • Hot Camera Inspections

Ground Anchoring / Geotechnical

Geotechnical engineering and ground anchoring are important tasks that pose difficulties for traditional methods. We combine rope access techniques with the latest rock drilling technology to install rock bolts, soil nails, dowels, and earth anchors to make it easier to access and service, while saving our clients money.

Non-Destructive Testing Methods in Beaver PA, Monaca PA, and Pittsburg PA

Painting, Sealants & Coatings Application

Environmental and normal wear can impact the structure of your industrial Chimney, smokestack, or tower. Painting, sealing, and coating applications can prevent or minimize the risk of exposure to these elements.

Pipe Hanger Inspections

We inspect and service pipe supports and pipe hangers in power plants using our rope access methods. From cracked pipes to discrepancies in hanger loadings, our team will quickly assess potential problems and determine a custom solution for your company to ensure maximum safety.

Bridge Services & Inspections in Washington PA, Pittsburg PA and Greater Pittsburg Area


Our team performs inspections, maintenance, and repairs on all types of pipework. PMI for Carbon Steel Pipe Inspections or welding to repair cracks or vulnerabilities, and everything in between — our skilled technicians can help.

Standby Rescue

Our SPRAT certified technicians are prepared for self-rescuing of one another if needed. They can safely lower injured workers to the ground in minutes. Regardless of if you are working in restraint, positioning, or a fall arrest system, our Safety Standby Services are tailored to meet the requirements of all types of high angle work.


Industrial Access also performs welding services when needed. We complete these tasks quickly and efficiently to maintain your asset and prevent further erosion or decay.

Call Industrial Access for all your facility maintenance & repair needs

Regardless of what issue you’re experiencing at your facility our expert team can develop a solution. Minimal downtime is a priority, but we never compromise quality. We will work efficiently to arrive at a solution in no time. If you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area and are interested in any of our services, call Industrial Access to get started.

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