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Industrial Chimney Repairs – Liners

Industrial Chimney Liner RepairsIndustrial chimney liners are an important component to a plant or facility’s venting system. Whether your industrial chimney was never built with one or if the current lining system is in need of repair or replacement, the team at Industrial Access, Inc. can help. Our trained & experienced rope access technicians are able to install, repair, and maintain industrial chimney liners in stacks of all sizes, no matter the use or environment.

An industrial chimney liner can provide unparalleled corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, and protection from acid or chemical attacks, long-lasting durability. IA offers a number of effective and efficient industrial chimney lining systems that can be installed with our innovative, quick, and affordable rope access techniques.

By utilizing rope access methods for high angle work in tight spaces like inside an industrial chimney, we are able to save our clients time and money. With less man power, less equipment, and less active work time, we can perform industrial chimney liner repairs on strict timelines to minimize downtime and within tight project budgets. Plus, rope access is an extremely safe and effective way to work on lining systems without any major disruptions to daily production schedules.

Our expert installers, custom engineered solutions, and commitment to high quality service, makes us the company of choice for all gunite refractory, borosilicate block, refractory brick, and vinyl ester resin lining system installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Many older industrial chimneys were built without liners so our rope access experts can retrofit these structures with the proper liner system to extend the life of the industrial chimney and keep it up to Federal and local codes and restrictions. We can also install a refractory liner in new industrial chimneys that are currently being constructed. Give us a call today 877-697-9337 | 770-255-1313 – info@industrialaccess.com

Industrial Access offers the following lining system installations:

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