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Keeping Up With Regular Industrial Smokestack Maintenance

There are few structures in the industrial sector that encounter more adverse conditions than a smokestack. Wind loading, corrosive acid, temperature fluctuations both inside and out, gas intrusion, and even lightning strikes all create problems for an industrial chimney or smokestack structure. In order to preserve industrial chimneys effectively, they must be maintained regularly, being monitored closely and carefully by an experienced smokestack contractor.

A smokestack plays a crucial role in the ongoing production schedule of every manufacturing & refining plant, no matter the industry. When a smokestack is not properly maintained and repaired as necessary, they can and will cause major hazards to health and safety as well as the surrounding environment. Not to mention, strict federal, state and local regulations all require that certain emission, safety, and efficiency criteria are met.

Having a regular industrial chimney inspection can ensure that your factory and production doesn’t come to a standstill due to the “sudden failure” of a neglected chimney system. Plus, it will keep plants and facilities compliant with laws and regulations.

Commercial chimney maintenance and industrial chimney maintenance occasionally have different concerns & maintenance requirements. The type of production and environmental concerns may add a unique problem to general maintenance and upkeep.  Location plays a part in how and in what way a chimney can be restored.  Depending on the location of the stack within the facility, various industrial chimney repairs & maintenance needs may require a custom engineered solution to address the challenges in access or deadlines for project completion. At Industrial Access, we offer the best in smokestack repair & maintenance plans.

Here are some things to remember when it comes to Regular Industrial Smokestack Maintenance:

  • Binocular inspections should occur once a year.
  • Full-height interior and exterior thorough inspection should be done every three years.
  • Pressure washing or hydroblasting should be done every five years.
  • Smokestack maintenance, including safety compliance checks, structural testing, NDT, and minor repairs should be implemented on a regular basis to avoid rapid deterioration.

If you want to implement an inspection and repair plan for your plant’s chimneys or smokestacks, contact Industrial Access, Inc. Our team of highly trained rope access techs will provide services & repairs to keep your system safe, compliant and in good working order. Our service plans include a full range of inspection techniques and tools, used to check, measure, verify and document the condition or your chimneys and stacks and develop prioritized, budgeted recommendations to keep them in top shape for years to come.

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