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Industrial Access utilizes innovative rope access techniques and a team of highly skilled rope access technicians, engineers and project managers to create custom solutions for a wide range of high-angle or hard-to-reach tasks.

Industrial Access conducts, industrial smokestack inspections, industrial chimney inspections, and industrial smokestack repairs. Over the years, we have developed expertise in solving work-access challenges where scaffolding, or lifts were impractical or too costly. We are prepared to assess, plan and implement a solution for your facility.

industrial duct inspectionThe following is a list of our outstanding capabilities:


Industrial Access offers a range of engineering and technical support services. These include projects such as chimney & stack design and components like chimney caps, inner stay-bands and breaching ducts; structural analysis, fiberglass reinforced plastic & carbon fiber reinforced polymer strengthening and guy wire design.


Industrial Access provides complete inspection services and structural testing for all chimney and stack building materials. We offer structural and chemical attack analysis, video & photographs, and detailed & concise inspection reports that meet the highest industry standards. IA utilizes Non Destructive testing, Petrographic testing, and other tools and techniques such as Ultrasonic thickness, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Barcol Hardness test, X-Ray, Schmidt & Hammer, to help determine structural soundness.


IA’s certified rope access technicians offer inspections, on site repairs, hydroblasting/power washing, sandblasting, hydro-media blasting, and painting & refinishing for industrial structures including chimneys, smokestacks, wind turbines, and more.

Lining Systems

Industrial Access installs, repairs and replaces lining systems in industrial chimneys, smokestacks and tanks. We have expert installers and provide custom engineered solutions for gunite refractory, borosilicate block, refractory brick, and vinyl ester resin lining system installation.

smokestack repair


Our team of highly skilled rope access technicians provide quality painting, coating, and refinishing for industrial chimneys and smokestacks. The Industrial Access crew works with specialized rope access equipment and a highly trained workforce to tackle high angle & high heat painting projects.


Moving heavy and bulky loads to and from grade & work elevations is frequently a challenge on industrial repair or retrofit projects.  Industrial Access has the expertise to safely plan, coordinate and execute rigging & lifting for high elevation work.  This includes not only primary lifting functions for cranes, but also the handling and rigging for placement of materials at the point for their installation in the work.

Structural Repairs

Industrial Access combines experienced technicians, innovative techniques, and effective solutions to help our companies renovate, restore, and repair industrial structures. We will inspect structures for possible damages or deficiencies, accurately estimate repair or replacement costs, then design & execute a repair plan. Industrial Access repairs concrete, brick, steel & fiberglass structures.

Emergency Services

One of our specialities is emergency services.  When a industrial chimney or industrial smokestack has fallen or is leaning, our team is able to mobilize quickly and assess the problem.  We can construct a new stack in less time & cost, than most of our competitors.


Industrial Access provides demolition services for industrial chimneys, stacks & structures.

Confined Space

Working safely in enclosed structures requires the right processes and highly trained people.  Industrial Access brings expertise in every element of Confined Space work, including planning, atmospheric testing/monitoring, personal protective equipment, ventilation/respirator requirements and emergency response & rescue services. All of our technicians are certified in rope access rescue techniques and procedures.

Aviation Warning Lights

Industrial Access works with clients to help establish the proper aviation warning light configuration that is compliant with current FAA regulations. Industrial Access’s team of highly trained rope access technicians can quickly & efficiently install, maintain, and repair aviation warning lights on your tall structures or industrial chimneys.

Installing obstruction lights on industrial chimneyLightning Protection

Industrial Access installs lightning protection on both existing industrial structures & new construction. We set up properly configured lightning protection to mitigate the devastating effects lightning strikes which can cause structural and electrical damage and result in stalled production or plant shut-down.

Ladders & Cages

Industrial Access provides safety improvement services such as ladder, fall arrest, and Saf-T-Climb repairs & replacement. We inspect ladders & cages and identify cracks, rusting, or other areas of vulnerability that can pose safety hazards. Our team monitors ladders and fall safety systems on everything from industrial chimneys to metal stacks, tanks, towers, and silos.

To speak with an expert, contact at 877-697-9337 or email info@industrialaccess.com to schedule a consultation for your facility.

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