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24hr Emergency Service
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Multi-Craft Services
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Helping Clients Maintain Their Industrial Plants

Industrial Access's skilled tradesmen works at height by using rope access techniques. We provide inspection, testing, maintenance and repair for power generation, heavy industrial and manufacturing clients on concrete, masonry, steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) structures, towers, industrial chimneys and stacks. Industrial Access has mastered the art of rope access to help create cost-effective testing, maintenance and repair methods for our power generation, heavy industrial and manufacturing clients.

industrial plant ductwork repair

We Offer a Smaller Crew, Less Heavy Equipment, and Reduced Downtime

Clients can expect fast service and savings compared to other methods. Repairs, renovations, non-destructive testing, core sampling, non-invasive structural analysis, identification of structural deficiencies, testing and control of hazardous corrosion of carbon steel piping, positive material identification (PMI), cleanings & inspections, smokestack painting & resurfacing, structural strengthening and restoration, carbon fiber wrap, relining and coating, safety compliance, ladder & rail installation replacement or repair, and lightning protection & aviation warning light system installations can now be completed quickly and affordably.

 Experienced with every type of high structure, power, industrial and manufacturing plants, Industrial Access helps clients maintain their hard-to-reach stacks, ductwork, vessels, cooling towers and other structures by utilizing rope access techniques. Efficient and cost-effective solutions take top priority so each client can expect our crew to arrive on-site, on time and quickly deliver a quality job to ensure minimal downtime.

Industrial Access is committed. We do what it takes to get the job done. Our Team often works through the night, work 24/7 shifts, and even works weekends and holidays to address emergency situations to reduce the impact on facility operations. Industrial Access technicians are fully licensed, bonded, certified and trained to take care of the most demanding tasks.

We offer:

  • Brick Chimney & Smoke Stack Restoration
  • Coal Burning Stacks & Systems
  • Bridge & Dam Inspections
  • Chimney Stack Painting & Surfacing
  • Foundation & Structural Testing
  • General Steeple Jack Services
  • Ground Rods, Radio Towers, etc
  • Industrial Chimney Inspections
  • Industrial Waste Removal
  • Light House Repair
  • Marine Stack Service
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Rail & Ladder Repair
  • Paint & Surfacing
  • Papermill Service
  • Petrochemical Service
  • Rigging & Lifting
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Schmidt Hammer Testing
  • Water & Chemical Towers
  • Wind Power Service


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