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Industrial Access has extensive experience in providing expert inspection services to the industrial market. We are continuously expanding our arsenal of cutting-edge tools to deliver the most accurate data from the most difficult-to-access spaces. From inspecting confined interiors to aerial 3D mapping, Industrial Access will find the best solution for the client’s needs and situation at hand.


Fast mobilization, efficient inspection, reduced downtime


Smaller crew, reduced downtime, lower cost


Remote viewing, reduced safety hazards, access to confined and dangerous spaces


Facilities in industries ranging from power, cement and paper to food and manufacturing have structures and equipment requiring consistent upkeep for safe and efficient exploitation. That includes regular inspections that ensure good operating conditions and catch any signs of degradation as early as possible. Some of the industrial sites and equipment pose challenges when it comes to inspections because of their limited or difficult access and potential safety hazards. But that is not an issue to our team at Industrial Access (IA). To avoid overspending on complicated access methods and to prevent risk to workers, IA offers inspection solutions utilizing drone and robot technology that will provide extensive data fast on dangerous or confined areas at your plant.


IA is dedicated to providing innovative inspection services that prioritize safety, efficiency and cost flexibility for our clients in the industrial sector and beyond. We offer a wide range of inspection tools and solutions that utilize numerous types of unmanned systems and remote sensors. Our FAA Commercially licensed drone pilots have the expertise to conduct thorough aerial, thermal or general industrial inspections to gather comprehensive data on the client’s asset.

IA maintains a network of professionals specializing in cutting-edge UAV (unmanned aerial) and ROV (remotely operated) tools and services to provide advanced inspection solutions even in the most unique and complex conditions. These devices offer capabilities that include high-resolution photo and video footage, digital zoom, 3D capture, various sensors (thermal, infrared, gas and methane, multi-spectral, LiDAR, bathymetry), AI systems, and more. Depending on the infrastructure and situation at hand, IA can select the most suited technology to inspect structures, detect defects and abnormalities, quantify assets, and ensure the safety and integrity of the plant infrastructure.

Exterior & Interior Inspections
Our ELIOS drone features high collision-tolerance, on-board LED lighting, HD and thermal imagery cameras for 4K video recording, live video feed, as well as a post-mission data review. This technology is great for preliminary inspections and condition assessments of industrial structures, equipment and sites. It will spot cracks, deformation, oxidation, buildup, and other abnormalities, easily identifying developing issues before extensive damage can occur.

Confined Space Drone & Robot Inspections
HD camera drones and crawler robots specialize in inspecting unstructured, unpredictable and hard-to-access environments like ducts, culverts, pipes, tanks, etc. These ROV’s can navigate challenging conditions and deliver detailed visual data safely and efficiently.

Thermal Inspections
Thermal imaging devices provide accurate monitoring of industrial structures to detect hot spots, insulation flaws, plate thinning, operational defects, gas leaks, fire risks, and more.

3D Mapping & Stockpile Volumetrics
Specialized drones in combination with advanced software can quickly and easily capture an orthomosaic of the facility site at a large aerial scale. They can collect precise mass and volume measurements, create 2D maps and 3D models of important assets and inventory (like bulk material, quarries, stockpiles) as well as structures and machinery (like chimneys, silos, ducts, buildings). Having these real-time detailed renderings and data of facility infrastructure allow for a better-informed decision-making.

Plant Wide Aerial Imaging
High-quality drones can capture HD and 4K aerial visuals of facility site and terrain real-time. This enables in-depth progress tracking, improved strategizing, and early detection of signs of concern.

Laser Scanning & Tours
Modern laser technology offers the capability to scan and generate accurate virtual 3D maps of facilities and its structures, indoor and outdoor. This photo-realistic digital 3D blueprint with precise real-time measurements and visuals provides expanded data that will enhance planning capacity and help the client manage complex projects.


Safety & Accessibility
With current technology, the need to physically enter a space for an inspection is eliminated. Drones and robots can access complex and cluttered spaces while being controlled remotely from the ground by an experienced pilot. Not only does that enable access to hazardous areas, tight spaces and structures at-height, but it also prevents workers from being subjected to unsafe conditions.

Increased Value
Traditionally, in order to access hard-to-reach or dangerous areas, an inspection would require a big investment—cranes, scaffolding, helicopters—to make worker access possible. Since drones and robots can be operated remotely, a smaller crew is required to carry out an inspection, while reduced downtime, quick turnaround and fast mobilization save time—and money. In addition, the convenience and efficiency of a drone enables more frequent inspections, which allows closer observation of equipment and its progressing signs of deterioration, thus preparing the facility for fast response before costly damage has time to occur.

Reduced Downtime
Drones and robots can be deployed and ready to gather inspection data within minutes, making it the perfect solution for emergency situations and preliminary inspections. The inspection itself can be completed in a matter of hours, keeping downtime duration minimal, while some drones and sensors can even be used without the need for a shutdown.

Extensive Data
Based on your site and concern, IA will select the right specialized technology to collect thorough data on the areas of interest. Detailed information and high-quality footage equip our clients with full understanding of the situation at hand as well as improved preparedness for strategizing further maintenance steps without wasting resources.


Remote viewing technology is the perfect solution for inspecting confined spaces, structures at-height, and hazardous sites at any industrial facility. Industrial Access is always looking for new tools and innovations that would increase inspection accuracy and save time and money to our clients. Investing in a regular inspection and maintenance plan means taking guesswork out when it comes to making important decisions about your structures and assets.

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