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IA Adds State of the Art, Collision Proof Elios Drone for Increased Inspection Accuracy

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Credit: Flyability.com ELIOS Drone

Industrial Access is dedicated to providing the most accurate and efficient inspection services for smokestacks and industrial chimneys. In order to keep up with ever-improving technology, we have added the ELIOS drone to our arsenal of cutting-edge tools.

This incredible inspection drone is collision-tolerant and features on board LED lighting, HD & Thermal Imagery cameras for crystal clear video recording, a live video feed, as well as a post-mission data review.

Our crew can use the ELIOS drone to perform a preliminary inspection, gaining pertinent information on areas that are not easily accessible.

How the ELIOS Drone is Changing the Rules of the Game

Safety - Our crew can improve site safety by using ELIOS as a remote visual inspection tool in any hazardous places or dangerous situations that may pose a risk to workers. The drone is designed to fly in crowded or tight spaces and can ascend to great heights in order to gather visuals of hard-to-access locations on your structure.

Reduced Downtime - Even though our rope access methods are quick and efficient, the ELIOS drone is deployed and ready to gather visuals and inspection data within minutes, making it the perfect solution for a preliminary look at a structure. When an inspection would normally take half a day or more to perform, the ELIOS drone allows us to do it in a matter of a few hours when combined with our quick rope access methods.

Lower Costs - Scaffolding, cranes and traditional techniques are no longer needed to perform simple visual inspections at height. The ELIOS drone gathers visuals of the most complex and cluttered spaces while being controlled with the Ground Station and an experienced pilot.

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How IA Utilizes the ELIOS Drone During an Inspection

During a drone inspection, our crew generally starts with a reconnaissance flight so we can locate areas of interest that deserve a closer look. The visual data that is gathered through missions in boilers, storage tanks, ballast tanks, buildings, and industrial chimneys & stacks shows that a short, 10 minute flight around the unit is sufficient to perform this reconnaissance flight. Based on the information gathered during the reconnaissance flight, further flights are planned to more deeply inspect defined points of interest through the capture of close up images with the HD & thermal imagery cameras. Bringing the drone back to the operators after each segment of the inspection allows for reviewing the images in details and to refine or integrate the inspection plan on-the-go based on actual data gathered.

Post Flight Data

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Credit: Flyability.com ELIOS Drone

The ELIOS drone is equipped with an SD card which allows us to access and review the data collected during the inspection flights right away, no special software or equipment needed. Our crew uses frame-by-frame images, thermal sensor videos, and flight information to create a more accurate and efficient engineered solution for repair, maintenance, and/or demolition. Our goal is to save you time, money, and downtime by providing an intensely accurate inspection that helps identify exactly what you need and cut out everything that you don’t.

At Industrial Access, we not only want to help keep workers safe while completing industrial inspections, but also deliver fast & effective inspection results and the ELIOS drone allows us to accomplish both! Contact us today to learn more about how our ELIOS drone can help complete inspections accurately and without risk of harm to inspectors or factory & plant workers.

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