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Power Generation


  • Washdown of stack exterior
  • Minor concrete shell repairs
  • Application of FAA coating system
  • Repairing rust spots on platform and its railings


A reinforced concrete chimney was in need of its FAA coating system restoration as well as minor maintenance repairs on its exterior platforms. Industrial Access mobilized to clean the chimney exterior and apply new paint, while the platform and its guardrail received a spot-coating treatment. Regular maintenance ensures the structure is opertating safely and efficiently while meeting recommended standards and regulations.


3 weeks to complete


Completed during a pre-scheduled outage


Completed with no safety compromises


A power generation plant on the east coast of the US contracted Industrial Access (IA) for coating services of their reinforced concrete exhaust chimney of 257’ height and 19’ diameter. The concrete surface of the stack column and the steel platforms had naturally worn down over time, with signs of fading, chipping, and oxidation. A new coat of protective paint would restore the chimney’s appearance and resistance to environmental factors. Platform and railing repair will target rusting areas to prevent further corrosion and to maximize the structure’s longevity.


IA’s engineers and technicians are experts in providing rigging and unique access solutions for industrial work at height. For this project, IA chose the most efficient and economical solution to use a swing stage approach to the stack exterior access at full height. The crew also utilized rope access techniques as well as existing platforms, ladders and personnel elevator to easily perform the services.


Firstly, the chimney had to be prepared for the new coating. IA’s crew applied hydroblasting to clean the concrete shell of the stack and its appurtenances, washing down any dirt and loose material. To ensure an even paint job, many observed cracks and honeycomb holes were cleaned and prepped, then filled with a high-strength epoxy adhesive. Once the chimney prep was complete, IA applied two layers—primer and topcoat—of a quality acrylic polymer in FAA aviation color stripes.

To perform platform repairs, any rust spots were first identified, then thoroughly cleaned and grinded with power tools. A suitable primer and a top coat were then applied to prepared areas to provide protection and resistance against corrosion and abrasion.


IA completed this project on time and within the given budget. The FAA paint restoration in combination with repaired cracks on the concrete column as well as the anti-rust treatment on its platform will help maintain the chimney’s recommended appearance, structural integrity, and longevity. It is important to perform regular, timely maintenance on industrial structures in order to meet regulations and to eliminate the risk for extensive future repairs.

crew using swing stage access approach in order to paint Industrial chimney at height

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