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Denver CO Tall Structure Services

Plants, mills, refineries, and factories in Denver CO, Colorado Springs CO, Pueblo CO, Boulder CO, Lakewood CO, Fort Morgan CO, Brush CO, La Junta CO, and Farmington NM area rely on the Denver Division of IA for tall structure inspection & maintenance.

Industrial Access Inc. / Denver CO Office
3773 Cherry Creek Dr, Suite 575  Denver, CO 80209 | (303) 722-3224

Tall Structure Services in Denver CO

Tall Structure Services in Denver COIndustrial Access, Inc. Denver CO Division uses rope access to provide cost-effective repair and maintenance solutions with quick turn around for tall structures at a range of plants and facilities. From structure inspections to welding & repairs, our crew is able to complete jobs regardless of height or location. We combine our expertise of steeplejack methods with modern rope access techniques to access even the most difficult structures.

Beyond industrial chimneys and smokestacks, we also perform work on bridges, dams, towers, lighthouses, lightning protection systems, radio towers, and more. Count on the Denver Rope Access Division of Industrial Access, Inc. for inspection, structural testing, NDT services, cleaning, welding and more. We work in a wide range of industries, including power plants, paper mills, manufacturing plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, and food & beverage factories.

Rope Access for Bridges & Dams

Bridge Repair Rope Access Los Angeles CAAccessing every component of a bridge or dam is a challenging task that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. The crew at the Denver CO Rope Access Division of Industrial Access, Inc. has the capability to complete inspection and maintenance tasks on large structures like bridges and dams. We can provide non-destructive testing, structural testing, welding & repair se rvices, rigging and lifting, demolition, and more with quick turnaround and little interruption.

Our innovative, efficient rope access methods provide a cost-effective solution for work on bridges while minimizing lane and track closures. Projects on dams and spillways or on hydro power plants can be completed without heavy equipment since rope access lets our crew safely inspect and repair these structures with less equipment and man power.

Large Structure Services in Denver CO

Tall Building Maintenance - Los Angeles

Rope access also allows our crew to easily access radio towers, lighthouses, skyscrapers, church steeples, domed roofs, marine stacks on ships, and other large structures when tradition means of access like scaffolding aren't an option. We will custom engineer a solution that meets strict timelines and tight maintenance budgets and provide repair and inspection services, along with any necessary structural testing or NDT services. Save time and money by choosing IA Denver Division to complete your regular or emergency maintenance projects.

Industrial Access, Inc. offers the following services for tall or large structures in Denver CO and Colorado:

  • Climbing inspections
  • Industrial rope access
  • Hardware installation
  • Renovation
  • Spot welding
  • Structural repairs


IA Denver CO Rope Access Division serves Denver CO, Colorado Springs CO, Pueblo CO, Boulder CO, Lakewood CO, Fort Morgan CO, Brush CO, La Junta CO, and Farmington NM, providing service and maintenance for large structures like dams, bridges, and towers.

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