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Access Ladder Repair / Safety Cage Maintenance

safety improvementsAfter years of usage and exposure to constantly changing weather conditions and generally corrosive environments, these safety structures can deteriorate and corrode. Hazardous conditions will develop if maintenance is overlooked.

Since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has strict standards regarding ladders, walks, and safety cages, it’s important to ensure you are meeting regulations to avoid injuries or fines.

Industrial chimneys and tall facility structures often contain ladders, platforms, safety cages, safety gates and other equipment that allow employees to safely access elevated areas for both maintenance and inspection purposes. Industrial Access offers safety improvement services, such as platform, ladder, safety cage and fall arrest system repairs & replacement.

Industrial Access works with clients to help inspect these components and identify cracks, rusting, or problems that can pose safety hazards. We repair ladders and fall safety systems on everything from industrial chimneys to metal stacks, tanks, towers, and silos. Our highly trained technicians can safely repair, weld, remount, or replace dilapidated vertical access ladders, safety climbs, safety cages, fall safety systems, and platform railings to ensure that all climbing & ladder systems are safe to use and remain OSHA compliant.

Contact Industrial Access at 887-697-9337 or 770-255-1313 to find out more about our safety improvement services and keep workers safe from failing climbing or ladder systems.

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