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Chicago IL Industrial Chimney & Smokestack

Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and More

Certified rope access technicians expertly complete industrial chimney and smokestack inspections, maintenance, and repairs at facilities in Chicago IL, Des Plaines IL, Evanston IL, Oak Lawn IL, Cicero IL, and surrounding towns and communities.

Industrial Access is expertly trained and experienced to perform high-quality service on industrial chimneys and smokestacks in and around Chicago, IL. We can assist plants and facilities with inspections, regular maintenance, and repairs. Our technicians are SPRAT certified and work closely with engineers and facility managers to determine the correct solution for each situation. We will work with owners of plants, mills, petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, coal plants, manufacturing facilities, and refineries to prevent any future safety issues.

Repair Services in Chicago, IL

Like our inspection services, our repair services also utilize rope access techniques and methods to ensure quick and cost-effective, high-quality work. We offer paint and resurfacing for industrial chimneys and smokestacks to ensure structural stability for the life of your structure. We also offer the following services:

  • Rope Access Interior & Exterior Climbing Inspections
  • Smokestack Painting & Resurfacing
  • Inspection and Repair for Coal Burning Smokestacks & System
  • Smokestack Structural Testing – Destructive & Non-Destructive
  • Inspection & Repair for Cooling Tower
  • Brick Smokestack Restoration
  • Safety Rail & Smokestack Ladder Repair

These services are not exhaustive, and we always work with the client to determine the best course of action. Some situations require multiple methods, and we suggest most clients consider regular maintenance with us to avoid bigger, costly issues down the road. We are also available for emergency repairs if you are ever in a situation requiring immediate assistance.

SPRAT certified smokestack inspection in Chicago IL

Inspection Services in Chicago, IL

We perform non-destructive testing (NDT) and structural testing to help assure that your structures are secure or determine how to aid in getting you there. We have many testing methods that we use depending on your specific situation. These methods are inexpensive and don’t require much downtime for your facility.

Chimneys and smokestacks are important as they contribute to emissions and efficiency for your facility. Optimized chimneys and smokestacks are necessary, so they are important to keep up with them. Aging and deterioration due to weather and environmental factors, such as chemical attacks, regular temperature fluctuation, wind loading, and even seismic activity, are expected so they need to be inspected regularly. Regular inspections can provide early detection of problems, signs of vulnerability, and deterioration, potentially saving clients from future structural failure and costly repairs.

Smokestack Painting & Resurfacing in Chicago IL

Why Choose Us?

Our rope access methods are cost-efficient, unobtrusive, and allow for quick inspections. This method is often a top choice for clients due to it requiring less equipment, fewer workers, as well as the general cost-effective nature in comparison to traditional methods such as scaffolding and heavy machinery. This allows our highly experienced technicians to reach high-angle or complete hard-to-reach tasks more easily.

If you are in Chicago, IL, or the surrounding area and need chimney or smokestack inspections or repairs, contact Industrial Access to find a customized solution using our rope access techniques. We promise little to no downtime and ensure fast and quality work with business back to normal as soon as possible. Our rope access methods also limit the cost compared to traditional methods. No problem or structure is too large or complex for us to work on, so call us to get started today.

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