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Rope Access Offers Specialized Services to Support Any Industry

Rope Access Maintenance ServicesThere is no doubt that rope access is the safest, most affordable option for work at height, whether that’s for inspection services, NDT, repair, demolition, or reconstruction. Rope access allows maintenance and construction crews to access what has typically been presumed inaccessible in a way that reduces safety risks, time on the job, manpower, and set up and tear down, all which lower the overall cost of a project exponentially.

The incredible advantages that rope access services provide for facilities and companies are seemingly endless. Combining quick access, labor, environmental controls, setup & tear down, and emergency rescue all in one complete system, rope access is the smartest way to tackle repair, inspection, and construction projects in a number of industries. Industrial Access, Inc. uses an array of specialty inspection, maintenance, compliance, and repair services that aim to reduce costly downtime and maintenance budgets.

From oil refineries to manufacturing plants to paper kilns and cement facilities, rope access provides the means to cost-effectively inspect and repair equipment in the most challenging locations. With a world-class safety record, rope access provides a safe, quick, and affordable way to tackle projects from Non-Destructive Testing & inspections to painting & coating services, to cleaning & repair and more.

Industrial Access, Inc. uses a special approach to all projects, including planning, rigging, and safety checks.

Planning – Every project is thoroughly assessed and planned by our team of industrial engineers and rope access specialists. Safety, effectiveness, and unique procedures that will be incorporated into the project are documented and planned out by all team members prior to the start of the project.

Rigging – All equipment that is used by our team meets or even exceeds OSHA’s requirements. Specialized rigging can be constructed for non-traditional access requirements and all of the safety equipment used by our technicians is checked before each use.

Safety Checks – Safety is always our top priority with any job. The safety of our technicians and the safety of workers and bystanders at a job site are of top concern. Our technicians and project managers are all SPRAT certified and have hundreds of hours of training and job-related experience. Our team will always follow a comprehensive safety program that assures jobs will be completed safely, accurately, and quickly.

If you want to know more about how rope access services can benefit your facility, contact Industrial Access, Inc today and speak with one of our informative project managers.

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