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Smokestack Inspections & Maintenance

Smokestack Inspection and RepairIndustrial Access has become the company of choice for providing smokestack inspections, maintenance and industrial chimney repair for plants in a range of industries from power, pulp & paper and cement to food products and manufacturing.

We understand the need for long-lasting performance to safe operations from facility smokestacks, so we strive to provide effective & efficient solutions for each and every client.

As with industrial chimneys, smokestacks are an integral part of a facility’s emission systems, which are closely scrutinized by regulatory agencies. Because these structures are subject to aging and deterioration from weather and environmental factors, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Steel, concrete, brick, and fiberglass reinforced plastic smokestacks each require a specialized maintenance and repair plan, and our skilled rope access technicians are trained to handle each type.

Whether it’s external deterioration of masonry or deteriorated inner coatings of your smokestack, Industrial Access can help. We utilize the most advanced rope access techniques to help identify potential problems or hazards, and then implement repairs to avoid fines or penalties, and unplanned downtime or structural failures.

Call Industrial Access at 877-697-9337 | 770-255-1313 or email at info@industrialaccess.com to discuss our smokestack repair, maintenance, and restoration options.

Industrial Smokestack Inspection Repair Services

  • Interior & Exterior Rope Access Climbing Inspections
  • Smokestack Painting & Resurfacing
  • Coal Burning Smokestacks & System Inspection and Repair
  • Brick Smokestack Restoration
  • Safety Rail & Smokestack Ladder Repair
  • Smokestack Structural Testing – Destructive & Non-Destructive
  • Cooling Tower Inspection & Repair
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