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Food & Beverage Storage

Many, if not all, food and beverage companies have one or more bulk material storage vessels. Silos are the most popular type of storage vessel for the food and beverage industry, but there are also bins and tanks utilized for different types of material. Regardless of bulk material or structure type, Industrial Access can keep your storage vessels clean, structurally sound, and in production.

Below are the types of storage vessels you may see holding food and beverage:

food & beverage silo cleaning

Silos – the most popular

Silos are the most common type of storage vessel found in the food and beverage industry. They hold bulk material, such as grain and various food products. They can also hold fermented feed (silage) and salt. With any of these silo types, there runs the risk of blockage. Regular maintenance and cleaning are ways to avoid blockage which Industrial Access can assist with.

Under the silo category, there are several different types. The two most popular are tower silos and concrete stave silos. There are also low-oxygen tower silos designed to keep fermented contents in a high-quality state. Sand and salt towers are also


Bins serve a similar purpose as silos but are typically made of metal and feature a peaked roof. They are often found on farms and store grain, corn, and soybeans, but can hold other food products as well. Bins are subject to the same blockage that may occur in silos and require regular maintenance and cleaning that Industrial Access can provide.


Tanks typically hold liquid products so are the front runner for beverage companies. While blockage is less of a concern for this storage type, regular cleaning is important to avoid any unwanted buildup and maintain safety standards for food and beverage industry products. Industrial Access can perform several cleaning services to ensure that your tank stays in the best condition possible.

cardox blasting and bin whipping for bulk material cleanouts

Potential Solutions

For all food and beverage storage vessels, regular maintenance is important for continued and smooth operation. If flow and blockage become an issue for your silo, there are several methods Industrial Access uses to get your assets flowing as usual.

  • Cardox Blasting – Cardox blasting utilizes controlled blasting that breaks up and loosens material that may be causing a blockage inside a storage vessel.

  • Bin Whipping – Powered by compressed air, Bin Whips allow for a variety of whips and cutting-edge motions to knock off stuck or built-up material inside of a storage vessel.

  • Air Cannons – Permanent fixtures installed on a storage vessel that shoot compressed air into storage vessels to knock off the buildup.

  • Air Lance – A drill that can break through bridging powered by compressed air, and remotely controlled for safety.

While every situation is unique when it comes to food and beverage storage issues, the above are a few popular methods that we use. Any of the methods can be paired with our rope access techniques which allows for a thorough cleanout. Regardless of your issue or situation, Industrial Access can come up with a personalized approach that is just right for your company with minimal downtime.

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