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Tanks are large vessels that hold water and chemical liquids at industrial plants. These tanks are found both underground and above ground and hold several different bulk materials or waste liquids. Whether a plant has one or several tanks, they require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure production isn’t impacted by any unwanted blockages.

industrial storage tank inspections

Types of tanks

Aboveground storage tanks (AST) can hold up to 12 million gallons of bulk material. Typically, they are up to 300 feet in diameter and hold between 500,000 to 12 million gallons.

Underground storage tanks (AST) are the tanks typically seen holding gas. They hold significantly less bulk material, with a capacity from 6,000 to 10,000 gallons.

When to clean your tank

Regular cleaning of bulk material storage vessels is always encouraged to minimize issues and prolong the life of your tank. If your company is experiencing issues with productivity or if you are experiencing any other inconvenience with your tank’s storage quality, call IA Mechanical to determine the right course of action for your company.

Besides routine or emergency cleanings, there are a few other times we suggest that you call professionals to clean your tank:

Internal Inspections

If your tank is set to have an internal inspection, it’s important to clean out the tank. This is especially true if the tank is being completely emptied for inspection. This allows for a thorough clean that you may not otherwise get. Make sure to call IA Mechanical to clean your tank before the tank inspector’s appointment.

Whenever you change products

Sometimes you may decide to switch products or need more storage for one product than another. If this happens, make sure to schedule a complete cleanout of your tank before filling it with the new product. This is especially important if you are transitioning from an unrefined to a refined product because you need to remove any impurities left from the last product.

If a major issue occurs that requires repairs

If a tank is damaged to the point of needing to remove all materials, it’s a great time to clean it while it is empty. Additionally, cleaning the tank and making it vapor-free is much safer for workers so it will likely be required for most repairs before entering.

industrial storage tank cleaning

How a tank is cleaned

The process of completely cleaning out a tank is lengthy and could be dangerous so it should be left to the professionals. After removing all electrical connectors and disconnected valves, the tank is completely emptied of all liquid. Then, professionals will remove all the dangerous vapors, so it is safe to proceed. At this point, professionals will power wash the tank walls, vacuum the bottom, ensure seals are intact, and determine the personalized course of action that is best for your tank’s current situation.

Whether you need regular maintenance or clean-out of a buildup in your tank, IA Mechanical can help. We ensure minimal downtime because we know that time is money for your company. By using one or more of our clean-out methods, your company’s assets will be flowing and clean as usual quickly after we start the process.

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