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Downcomer Repair Service – Downcomer Duct System & Expansion Joint Inspections

downcomer repair service

Industrial Access, Inc., performs downcomer repair services as well as inspections for the downcomer duct system and expansion joints. Providing quick and efficient service with as little downtime as possible is our specialty.

It’s not uncommon for boiler and furnace downcomer ducts to need a thorough inspection and repair or replacement after years of use. In furnaces, the combustion gases that enter from the top stage cyclone of a downcomer duct have a dust loading (capturing) element that is based upon the cyclone’s efficiency which leads to a buildup of particles in the duct system. The gases that pass through the downcomer ducts can also be corrosive and abrasive which will cause thinning of the duct structure. Suction pressure is another culprit of deterioration, so inspections and thickness testing should be performed on a regular basis. For downcomer pipes that conduct water from a boiler, corrosion is a concern.

The highly experienced engineering and rope access team of IA can undertake the NDT inspection and repair of blast furnaces and boilers that operate in a large range of industries. Our crew will identify and assess damage or breaches in the downcomer components and implement a plan to replace or repair the area of vulnerability.

Whether we are needed on an emergency basis or to implement a regular inspection regime, Industrial Access, Inc., has got you covered. Our innovative rope access techniques can be employed for cost savings and to help minimize downtime. We can repair or replace downcomer expansion joints as well as support bands to ensure prime operation.

Refractory Linings

Refractory linings may also need repair or reapplication, and the confined-space procedures prove to be difficult for other methods of access to be as accurate and cost-effective as our rope access techniques. We can limit disruption to production and minimize any negative impacts to your business while we mobilize our team for downcomer inspection and repair services.

Contact IA today to find out more about our inspection, NDT, and repair services.  Industrial Access rope access technicians are SPRAT Certified, OSHA Compliant, fully trained and experienced to address your high angle needs.

refractory lining repair on downcomer duct system joints

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