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Industrial Plant Custom Engineered Solutions

Industrial Access performs a multitude of services for industrial plants and facilities utilizing both rope access methods & custom-engineered solutions in Cincinnati OH, Covington OH, Milford OH, Springdale OH, Blue Ash OH, Hebron OH, and the surrounding towns and communities.

Rope access methods were developed in the 1990s and have recently made their way to onshore plants, facilities, and mills. These methods have become a popular choice for facilities for many reasons. While cost-effective and safe due to the level of knowledge required for technicians, they also consistently provide high-quality results.

These methods allow for the completion of tasks at or around 500 feet or above but can also assist with routine maintenance completed at much lower heights. It also allows for easier work inside a structure since it doesn’t require complicated scaffolding setup and takedown. Due to the diversity of capabilities, there are many possibilities. Below is a list of the capabilities that Industrial Access can perform in Cincinnati, OH.

rope access Bridge repair in Cincinnati OHServices & Capabilities Performed

Bridge Services & Inspections

Rope access methods provide a great solution for work on bridges because of the minimal lane and track closures. Through these methods, non-destructive testing, repairs, and structural inspections are made easy and safe on several surfaces such as steel, concrete, or wood.

Boiler Inspection

IA Mechanical is an industrial boiler and mechanical contractor working across many sectors providing expertise in boiler maintenance, boiler repair, boiler replacement and retrofitting equipment to modernize capabilities and achieve optimal performance. We work all across North America and have teams on the ground ready to help.

Bridge Pier Inspection

Piers, wharves, and bridges require above and below access which can easily be performed with rope access techniques. Hands-on inspections of the above-water bridge and pier decks can be completed to ensure the structural integrity of all key components of the structure.

Glazing Inspection & Repair

Glazing glass windows and building structures is a fragile task requiring extreme caution and safety measures. These systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are performing correctly and not susceptible to water ingress. From annual glazing maintenance, glazing surveys, and inspections, or glazing cleanings, Industrial Access can assist.

Ground Anchoring / Geotechnical

Geotechnical engineering and ground anchoring can present issues in difficult-to-reach areas. We combine our innovative rope access techniques with the latest rock drilling technology to install rock bolts, soil nails, dowels, and earth anchors to make geotechnical work efficiently while remaining a cost-effective solution.

Painting, Sealants & Coatings Application

Environmental and normal wear can impact the structure of your industrial chimney, smokestack, or tower. Weathering and corrosion can be corrected with services such as painting, sealing, and coating application.

Rigging Services

Our innovative techniques can help move large and cumbersome debris at the site. We pair heavy lifting and rigging equipment with our innovative rope access methods to expedite clean-up at your facility.

Industrial Cleaning & MaintenanceSand Blasting / Surface Preparation

Our technicians can expertly perform sandblasting on any industrial structure. Our methods for service save time and allows us to access tall structures as soon as an hour. We can perform sandblasting and surface preparation procedures to prepare for coating or painting services.

Gunite Application

Gunite liners and coatings are applied to industrial chimneys, smokestacks, furnaces, tanks, and pipelines to help you benefit from reduced energy costs, fewer maintenance requirements, and fewer emissions. Industrial Access can quickly and effectively install these with rope access methods.

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

NDT is performed to examine the condition and strength of tall or hard-to-access structures. We perform the following NDT methods to offer quick and cost-efficient structural testing: Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UT), Schmidt (Swiss) Hammer Testing, Infrared Thermography, Laser Surveys, and Hot Camera Inspections.

Pipe Hanger Inspections

Using our rope access techniques, we inspect and service pipe supports and pipe hangers in power plants to ensure safety and reliable operation. From cracked pipes to discrepancies in hanger loadings, our team will quickly assess potential problems and determine a personalized solution for your facility.


The IA crew performs inspections, maintenance, and repairs on pipework of all types. Whether you need PMI for Carbon Steel Pipe Inspections or welding to repair cracks or vulnerabilities, our technicians at Industrial Access can help. Our methods minimize downtime and allow facilities to get back to normal operations quickly.

Standby Rescue

Our SPRAT training enables our technicians to be prepared for the self-rescue of one another if needed. They can safely lower injure workers to the ground in minutes. Industrial Access Safety Standby Services are tailored to meet the exact requirements of many types of high angle work, regardless of if you are working in restraint, positioning, or a fall arrest system.


IA also performs welding services where it is needed. Our welding services are completed quickly and efficiently to maintain your asset and prevent further erosion or decay.

Structural Survey & Inspection

Structural surveys are used to detect and identify defects, causes, the urgency of repairs, maintenance, and more. Rope access methods allow for a quick mobilization to perform a structural survey on buildings, industrial chimneys, plant and mill structures, and more. These surveys and inspections are the most comprehensive and detailed evaluation of a structure's condition and can help identify minor issues before they turn into major problems, potentially saving your company money.

Slope Stabilization

Slope stabilization is easily completed with customeized methods by installing anchored reaction blocks for steep slopes or large retaining walls. These techniques can help minimize erosion and prevent it from becoming a safety issue for construction crews and the public.

Hydrological Dam repair in Cincinnati OHFacilities & Applications in Cincinnati, OH

Cement Plants

Our innovative and modern access techniques allow us to handle difficult tasks and components in tight spaces in cement plants. We offer cleaning and inspection of industrial chimneys and smokestacks, ductwork and breaching repairs and maintenance, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance tasks. We prioritize minimal downtime and cost-effective methods to save you time and money.

Hi-Rise Signage/Electrical

Rope access is an effective solution to complete tasks at a great height, such as hi-rise signage and electrical work. Our team utilizes innovative rope access equipment and techniques to quickly install, repair, or replace signs and electrical components in high-rise buildings. These methods allow for a safer, quicker, and more cost-effective solution than the alternative in which heavy machinery, cranes, and scaffolding are used.


Since dams and spillways cannot generally be walked on, our team can safely inspect and repair these structures without using heavy equipment. We perform inspections and structural testing, to ensure the correct services to maintain dams and spillways.

Juice/Beverage Plants

Industrial Access works with closely with clients in Food & Beverage industries. No matter what food or beverages you are processing at your plant, we tackle the inspections, maintenance, cleaning & repairs for all of your tall or hard-to-access structures and stacks.

Manufacturing Plants

Industrial Access works with manufacturing plants to determine preventative maintenance schedules unique to a plant’s needs. We are able to complete inspections, coatings, paintings, perform NDT testing, and clean. We service manufacturing facilities such as assembly plants, automotive parts factories, canneries, and food production factories, chemical plants, plastics plants, lumber mills and sawmills, stamping mills, textile and clothing mills, armories, cotton mills, iron foundries, steel mills, rolling mills, and more.

Marine Applications

Our team can perform inspection services, NDT testing, welding and repair, ultrasonic measurements, and more on marine structures and ships. Our rope access methods allow for easier and safer solutions for these applications.

Petrochemical Refinery

Industrial Access offers a number of maintenance and repair services for Petrochemical facilities & refineries. We specialize in turnaround projects, general maintenance services, rigging and lifting, repair projects and more.

Power Generation - Oil & Gas

Given the potential safety concerns, oil and gas power generation plants and facilities require a specialized approach to maintenance and repairs. We offer services to clean and inspect stacks and chimneys and perform ductwork and breaching repairs. Our technicians provide effective solutions that meet the most demanding schedule requirements. We can also work with clients to help bring your plant up to regulation requirements.

Pulp & Paper factory inspection in Cincinnati OH

Pulp & Paper

Preventative maintenance is important for pulp and paper factories. Our techniques can eliminate or reduce the effects of heat and dust on machinery and equipment to enhance the performance and life of the equipment. Our team can determine a customized maintenance plan to ensure your facility is running as efficiently as it can.

Steel Plants

Industrial Access can help determine a custom plan for steel plant maintenance and repairs. Safety platforms, ladders and access repair sandblasting, spot welding, maintenance coatings, liners & corrosion protection, and industrial chimney sweeping & maintenance are just a few of the services we can cater to our innovative rope access methods to.

Water Treatment Plants

Care and processing of wastewater require special maintenance and management that Industrial Access can offer. Our technicians can provide a custom maintenance plan, perform inspections, and complete emergency repairs for structures unique to water treatment plants.

Components Serviced in Cincinnati, OH

Fall Protection Systems

The methods that Industrial Access uses can help ensure your fall protection system is safe – from engineering and installing to inspection and repair. Personal and collective fall protection systems are imperative for crews working at height.

Lightning Protection

Our modern techniques allow Industrial Access to easily install, inspect, repair, and replace components of a lightning protection system on your hi-rise buildings or tall structures. A properly installed lightning protection system can protect your industrial chimney, silo, towers, smokestacks, or other tall structures.

Aviation Warning Lights

We install, repair, and replace aviation warning light systems on any structure. We help establish the proper aviation warning light configuration to make sure you are up to code, as well as quickly and efficiently install, maintain, and repair the lights after they are installed on your facility's tall structure or industrial chimneys.

Eye Bolt Installation

Properly installed eye bolts are key to an effective fall protection system. Every worker that is performing maintenance or repairs at height relies on this critical component, so it is imperative to be in correct working order. Eyebolt installation and testing are just one of the many components serviced by our team.

rope access tower paintingStructures Worked on in Cincinnati, OH

Communication Towers & Antenna

We provide quick and affordable maintenance on communication towers and cellular service antennas. Rope access methods provide a safer way to perform maintenance and repairs while also offering a way to provide these solutions cost-effectively and quickly.


Industrial Access provides derrick erection, inspection, and upgrade services for shipyards, derrick manufacturers, drilling contractors, main contractors, and more. We use our expertise to assemble and install derrick structures while ensuring safety and thorough planning.

Rock Fall Protection Meshing

Rockfall protection meshing and netting is an important safety component for drilling operations. Our team can quickly install and repair rockfall protection meshing on steep slopes or hard-to-access areas.

Safety Systems

Safety systems, such as vertical access ladders and safety cages require regular maintenance and attention to ensure optimal performance. With rope access techniques, Industrial Access can inspect these components and identify cracks, rusting, or problems that can pose safety hazards. We repair ladders and fall safety systems on all industrial structures.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes and large overhead cranes require regular inspections, repairs, and painting or coating and IA does it all. Routine maintenance care for these structures reduces component wear and helps maintain quality performance to help save money in the long run.


Silos are tall structures that benefit from rope access methods. These methods allow our team to reach portions of a silo to perform inspections, maintenance, and repairs that would not be reached easily by alternative methods such as scaffolding.


Industrial Access will clean, perform inspections, complete maintenance and can even survey incinerators. A rope access setup allows our team to safely enter and access the incinerator chambers and work above or below the apparatus to complete any minor or major repairs.

Process Vessels

Process vessels such as towers, heat exchangers, and autoclaves are common components we work on. High pressurized process vessels require preventive maintenance and condition monitoring so easy access is critical. The Industrial Access team utilizes innovative methods to complete inspections and maintenance quickly and effectively.

Radar Dishes

Rope access is an effective method to install and replace radar dishes. Whether you have a hi-rise building or require a specialized installation operation, our team of rope access technicians can offer custom radar dish maintenance solutions.

scrubber stack inspection and repairStorage Tanks

All storage tanks are susceptible to regular wear from weather, corrosion, and degradation over time if not assessed, cleaned, and maintained regularly. Our highly-skilled team can perform structural tests, welding repairs, inspections, cleanings, and more on storage tanks at facilities in a range of industries.

Water Towers

Like traditional storage tanks, water towers also need to be periodically inspected and cleaned to help ensure water quality is at the level it needs to be. Industrial Access’s team can employ innovative techniques to reach hard-to-access areas or locations at height with ease and in a cost-effective manner.

Windmills & Wind Turbines

Given the height of wind turbines and wind power plants, they require unique solutions to reach the wind turbine blades and the nacelle. Using rope access techniques, Industrial Access can inspect, repair, or clean these structures – including the gearbox in the nacelle, tower, hub, and cones.



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