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Inspection Plan for Industrial Chimney Inspections

Affordable Rope Access SolutionsIndustrial Chimney Inspections are a critical aspect of plant maintenance programs and should be carried out by trained professionals on a regular basis. When choosing a company to perform inspection and testing service, it’s important to consider what is included in the inspection plan.

Here at Industrial Access, we provide a detailed, thorough inspection on every job. Our inspections not only include photographic documentation but also an in-depth report covering the condition of the structure and any recommended maintenance and repairs. Every inch of the industrial chimney or smokestack is inspected up close using our innovative rope access techniques.

In accordance with OSHA “Confined Space Regulations”, an evaluation of the shaft interiors will be performed prior to entry for the internal inspection.  An analysis is performed to check the environment for safe levels of oxygen, combustibles and carbon monoxide. If the interior is found to be safe to enter, our rope access team will descend down the interior of the structure to monitor the condition of the liner and check for any cracks or leaks.

A Normal Inspection Plan for Industrial Chimneys

  1. A visual inspection is performed from all easy-to-access points including the ground, ladders, and platforms to help spot major defects.
  2. The entire surface of the structure, inside and out, is covered by our technicians using rope access methods of descending down the interior and exterior of the structure.
  3. Non-destructive testing methods are used to help determine the stability and condition of the structure. During this inspection we use hand tools to tap or pick at the concrete or steel in order to determine concrete spalling or separation and deterioration.
  4. Photographic documentation is taken by our rope access technicians every few feet where there has been notable changes or cracks in the structure.
  5. If the structure requires further testing, concrete / steel thickness and density testing is performed by taking core samples or ultrasonic thickness measurements to determine concrete or steel density or thickness.
  6. A thorough inspection report is created to recommend repairs or services based on our findings during the examination of the structure.

Based on the findings our industrial chimney techs make during the inspection, recommendations for emergency, short-term, or long-term repairs are made. If the damaged to the structure compromises the structural integrity or poses a safety hazard, our crew will take immediate action to quickly and affordably deal with the issue at hand. Other repairs can be scheduled on a short-term basis (within the year) or long-term basis (3-5 years out), based on the severity of the damage or deterioration.

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