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IA Mechanical Recovery Boiler Repairs & Planned Maintenance

Recovery boilers are one of the most crucial parts of a Pulp & Paper Mill, making it imperative to keep up with regular inspection, maintenance, and repair services. Since it generates nearly all of the mill’s steam power – 60–80% of the mill’s electricity – and performs the recovery of valuable pulping chemicals, keeping your power recovery boiler in proper working order is essential.

Emergency Boiler Service

The IA deployment team is always ready when an emergency need arises. A breakdown of a boiler can result in loss of production, money, and time. Industrial Access will quickly inspect the situation and immediately begin engineering the solution and executing the repairs so your plant will be back up and running in no time, allowing mill production to resume on a tight schedule.

recovery boiler repair

Retrofitting & Reconditioning

Updating your boiler system regularly will keep you ahead of costly repairs and operating smoothly. Our team can retrofit and recondition a recovery boiler to encompass for more efficiency or capacity. Older boilers require specialized care when it comes to updating the equipment to higher standards of efficiency or capacity. We have worked in a wide range of sectors and industries, providing our expertise in recovery boiler retrofit, reconditioning, or replacement. If several components are failing and annual repair costs are not economical, replacement or reconditioning may be necessary.

Recovery Boiler Repairs

A major issue that affects boilers in Pulp & Paper production plants is tube erosion. High-temperature gases can cause tube corrosion which can lead to detrimental leaks or boiler failure. Our power boiler and recovery boiler maintenance and services include outage planning, inspections, commissioning, troubleshooting, spray claddings, performance improvement, condition assessments, and operational reviews.

ia mechanical boiler maintenance

Boiler Planned Maintenance

The best way to keep your production running smoothly is to have a dedicated planning maintenance schedule. Investing in a regular maintenance program for recovery boiler stacks and chimneys can help maintain compliance with regulations, prevent untimely plant shutdowns, and help save money by addressing issues before they turn into expensive unplanned repairs.

Whether your facility requires repairs, structural fortification, welding, fabrication, demolition, installation, or consulting for major projects, contact Industrial Access Mechanical for custom-engineered solutions for recovery boilers, emergency services, and planned power boiler stack maintenance.

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