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The Advantages of Rope Access Maintenance at Nuclear Power Plants

rope access for nuclear power plantsThere are few more high-risk environments than a nuclear power plant. Special precautions must be taken to keep the safety of maintenance workers and power plant employees safe during repair & construction projects. Rope access efficiencies have been integral during maintenance on nuclear plants and facilities. Whether you need to meet regulatory commitments or perform scheduled inspections and repairs, rope access provides a number of safety and cost advantages compared to scaffolding and other conventional access methods.

Industrial Access, Inc. utilizes rope access techniques in a number of industries that require specialized access. We often talk about the benefits that come with choosing a qualified rope access team for maintenance and repair projects, and this is especially true for nuclear facilities. When there is a need of a more efficient, safer, and more economical method for providing access and work spaces, contact our certified nuclear rope access professionals. Here is a look at some of the ways your nuclear plant can benefit from rope access:

  • Quick set up and removal of ropes & rigging equipment means that the work is completed significantly quicker than traditional methods which makes rope access considerably cheaper on a time costed basis
  • Minimum disruption of daily production & activity means that in the majority of projects, operation can continue without downtime. Minimum downtime is a crucial to production and can save a considerable amount of money.
  • Ropes are removed at the end of each shift which will increase security and reduce safety risks unlike scaffolding or heavy machinery which must remain even after hours.
  • Easier access to awkward or narrow spaces. Rope access technicians can get access to all areas which ensure the integrity of facility, components, and equipment is maintained

Some typical projects we complete for nuclear power facilities using rope access methods include:

  • Exterior Inspections – full inspections for buildings or structures to meet maintenance requirements or regulatory compliance
  • Interior Inspections – thorough inspections of building components and structure for regulatory compliance and licensing
  • Cleaning & Hydroblasting – quick and effective cleaning services for stacks, towers, buildings, etc.
  • Painting & Coating – turn key painting & coating services for the building and its components to assure longevity of the plant and other assets
  • Installations/Modifications to plant systems in order to meet new regulatory requirements

Contact our rope access specialists to find out more about how we can provide efficient, safe, and economical rope access solutions for nuclear power plants.

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