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Brick Chimney Repair / Stack Maintenance

Brick Stack RepairIndustrial Access is a leader in brick industrial chimney repair and restoration. We use innovative, cost-effective solutions to help our clients maintain, restore, and upgrade their existing brick industrial chimneys & smokestacks.

Masonry and brick materials are susceptible to water & moisture damage, and after years of production and facility usage, brick chimneys and stacks should be repaired and maintained.

Using rope access methods, our crew will first visually inspect the full circumference of the chimney brickwork. The condition of the brick, mortar, and stone will be examined and any steel retaining bands will be checked for deficiencies or deterioration.

Our highly trained industrial chimney & smokestack professionals can replace and repair deteriorated brickwork and repoint masonry joints to ensure the structural integrity of your unit, as well as extend its useful life. Industrial Access can help you maintain your brick industrial chimneys, whether it is external deterioration of masonry or the atrophy of the inner coating of the smokestack.

Some structural brick repairs may require the installation of a new liner. Industrial Access has an excellent reputation for designing, fabricating, and erecting liners for brick industrial chimneys & smokestacks.

Learn more about Brick Chimney & Smokestack maintenance and repair, contact Industrial Access: 877-697-9337 | 770-255-1313 – info@industrialaccess.com

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