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Rope Access Methods for Silo Maintenance & Repair

Silo Rope Access ServicesThe crew at Industrial Access, Inc. has used custom-engineered rope access methods for industrial services in a range of industries. The flexibility & efficiency provided by rope access techniques has allowed us to service industrial chimneys, steel piping set ups, boilers, kilns, and even storage silos.

Most of the silos used across the nation actually date back 40 to 50 years or more.  While silos may appear to be indestructible, proper maintenance and repairs are required to keep them structurally sound and effective. As time passes, silos accumulate debris, dust and stubborn residues from the organic materials being stored or transported. Silos are also susceptible to more immediate and serious problems, like structural deficiencies or environmental damage which may lead to damaged assets or product.

Rope access allows us to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for damaged & deteriorated silos and other storage structures that require maintenance, repairs, and specialized coating or painting services.

Silo Inspections:

Without periodic professional silo inspections to uncover potential structural integrity issues, these structures can collapse with little to no warning. The signs of degradation and the failures observed during a thorough silo inspection are different for concrete and metal silos. Our rope access professionals offer full, thorough inspection services for silos of all sizes and locations utilizing effective, efficient, and cost-saving access options.

Silo Repair & Maintenance:

Extend the life of a silo at a fraction of the cost of new silo construction with rope access silo repair services & maintenance plans. Steel and concrete silo repair options include silo post-tensioning, coating & painting applications, structural silo repair, silo roof repair, re-hooping and composite fiber reinforcement.

Silo Painting & Coatings:

Silo coatings protect silos from corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack, which can all play a role in the deterioration of a silo structure. There are a number of high-tech coating & paint products that exist for industrial structures, all of which generally tend to offer tremendous resistance against corrosion and abrasion.

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