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  • Installation of scaffolding & access openings
  • Removal of interior baffle wall
  • Installation of silo cylinder reinforcement system
  • Reinforcement of silo support structure
  • Installation of new material inlet system
  • Coating of silo exterior


A cement steel silo was experiencing deformation and uneven material loading patterns. Industrial Access carried out an extensive silo reinforcement strategy that included interior baffle wall removal, reinforcement of silo and its support structures, and a coating job. Work performed restored the silo’s loading capacity and improved its structural integrity.


Project completed over several months with single mobilization


Many items did not require outage


Completed without any near misses or safety incidents


Over the past few years, a cement plant in the US was closely monitoring their 60’ high steel silo that started exhibiting signs of plate deformation due to uneven loading patterns. Although the silo had an internal divider baffle wall installed for material segregation, the structure was being used only for a single component and appeared to be experiencing decline in structural integrity due to poor material distribution and plate overstress. Industrial Access (IA) was contracted to develop a comprehensive repair strategy to reinforce the structure, centralize the material inlet system, restore the silo’s operating capacity, and minimize the risk of future failure.


IA technicians are experts in unique access solutions. To perform the reinforcement service during this project, complete access to the entire silo cylinder exterior was required, so IA designed and installed a full-height scaffolding system to provide access for the crew and a headache deck for all truckers and facility personnel. During baffle wall removal, IA technicians utilized rope access techniques to safely enter the silo. Additional openings were installed at the top and in the cone of the silo to facilitate crew access as well as debris removal.


The repair project began with the removal of interior baffle wall. Over time, it has filled with material buildup and contributed to damaging load disbalance. Starting from the top of the structure, IA crew utilized piecemeal technique to cut the wall into sheets and removed it safely from the silo. The material was gradually cleaned out from between the two wall plates during the process. After everything was removed from the structure, IA patched and repaired all areas inside the silo back to original form. Two new girders were installed to roof interior to provide additional roof beam support.

The team continued to carry out the reinforcement strategy on silo exterior. A girdle reinforcement system comprising of vertical and ring steel stiffeners was installed across the entire height of cylindrical portion of the structure. Additional reinforcement was performed on silo support columns, and the existing cross beam reinforcement was replaced with new hollow structural steel on all levels. Material inlet relocation was performed by removing the two original inlets at the top of the structure and putting a new central chute in place to help with uneven loads. Additional girders were installed on top of the roof for increased support.

The project was wrapped up by pressure-washing the structure to prepare the surface for paint. The existing silo plating was professionally color-matched for the new coating. IA crew primed the structure, then applied a polymer coating for long-term protection.


The steel silo repair and reinforcement service was completed safely and successfully, increasing the structural integrity of the structure to prevent further plate deformation. The new centralized material inlet system will allow the facility to operate the silo for single material component loading while ensuring a more even load distribution. IA recommended continued regular inspections to keep the structure in check and maximize the potential lifespan of the silo.

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