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Industrial Silo Coatings | Silo Painting & Cleaning

industrial silo coatings

Silo coatings protect silos from corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack, which can all play a role in the deterioration of a silo structure. Industrial Access, Inc. has over two decades of experience with applying industrial silo coatings and paint to help protect your assets and keep your structures visually appealing.

Corrosion is the principal enemy of an industrial silo. It will shorten the life of a silo structure and increase the possibility of contamination of the stored products. Abrasion is a distinctive sign of wear-and-tear and can cause visible damage to silo walls as well as hamper flow or cause corrosion. Stored dry bulk chemicals are aggressive toward tanks, and like abrasion, may eventually cause corrosion, all of which can drastically reduce the service life of your industrial storage silo.

Corrosion poses a problem for all types of industrial silos: whether the dry bulk material requires frequent loading and unloading or is simply limited to standing storage over long periods of time. The best defense that exists to protect your silos & storage tanks against corrosion is the coating.

Coatings can be found on both the interior and exterior of a silo. There are a number of high-tech coating & paint products that exist for industrial structures, all of which generally tend to offer tremendous resistance against corrosion and abrasion. Specialized coatings & fresh paint also provide chemical resistance for corrosive liquids, such as acids and bases, as well as extreme temperature fluctuations and more. The slickness of the coatings promotes flow to ensure every product which passes out of the silo will leave minimal residue.

The team of silo coating experts at Industrial Access can keep your silo structures protected and vibrant for years to come. We perform effective surface preparation services including ultra-high-pressure washing, hydro-blasting, sand-blasting, and more. Our crews have the equipment and experience to paint metal & concrete silo structures of virtually any height and dimension thanks to our innovative application of rope access techniques. We source coating materials according to Customer’s specifications, or we can recommend products from many of the recognized leading providers of industrial coatings

If the paint & coating applications on your silos are deteriorating or corroding, now is the time to take action to stop the damage. We serve clients in all types of industries, from power to cement, pulp & paper, chemical, plastics, refinery, steel, mining, metals, and manufacturing.

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