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Cincinnati OH Multicraft Services

Smokestack Inspection, Repair, and Cleaning

Industrial Access Specialty Multi-Craft offers several services for facilities in Cincinnati OH, Springdale OH, Blue Ash OH, Hebron OH, Covington OH, Milford OH, and the surrounding towns and communities.

When scaffolding, heavy machinery, or lifts are impractical or too costly, Industrial Access Specialty Multi-Craft has expertise in solving work-access challenges with alternative methods. We specialize in rope access, custom engineering, and project management services which makes it possible to access tight, high-angle, and hard-to-reach areas. We can solve any issue, no matter the difficulty.

What We Do

One of our specialties is to work safely and efficiently in confined spaces. Industrial Access brings expertise to every element of confined space work such as planning, atmospheric testing and monitoring, and emergency and rescue services. All of our rope access technicians are trained & certified by SPRAT.

Our team performs industrial smokestack & chimney inspections, repairs, coating & painting services, along with other tasks as required. We have expertise in assessing, planning, and implementing a personalized solution for each plant’s specific need. Our team can even handle emergencies where time is of the essence such as when a structure is falling or is leaning.

Our Capabilities in Cincinnati, OH

Inspection / Testing

We offer tests and inspections for many different structures found at a facility. We provide a detailed inspection report that meets the highest industry standards with structural and chemical attack analyses, along with video and photographs. The main tests we perform are Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Petrographic testing. We use several tools and techniques such as Ultrasonic thickness and many others.

industrial smokestack repair in Cincinnati OH

Engineering Solutions

Some projects include things such as chimney and stack design or components, structural analysis, and more. They also provide solutions to strengthen structures with materials such as carbon fiber-reinforced polymer.


We offer quality painting, coating, and refinishing for industrial chimneys and smokestacks with our innovative rope access techniques.


We clean industrial structures utilizing methods such as hydro blasting/power washing and sandblasting.

smokestack Lightning Protection install in Cincinnati OH

Lining Systems

Our team expertly installs, repairs, and replaces lining systems in industrial structures. We service and install the following lining types: borosilicate block, gunite refractory, refractory brick, and vinyl ester resin.


Industrial Access can safely execute any need when it comes to rigging and lifting for high elevation work. From engineering a custom rig or lift to building and constructing it, our team can do it all.

Lightning Protection, Ladders, and Cages

Industrial Access helps to properly configure lightning protection to mitigate any devastating effects that could come from lightning. We also help set up ladders, fall arrest systems, and Saf-T-Climb as well as maintain and repair those features of your industrial structure.


Aviation Warning Lights

Industrial Access helps clients properly install aviation warning lights to ensure they are compliant with FAA regulations as well as maintain and repair any lights using our rope access techniques.

Structural Repairs and Demolitions

Industrial Access ensures that all facility structures are stable and structurally sound. We help renovate, restore, and repair industrial structures made of any material. We will also assist with demolition if that is required.

Why Choose Us

If you are in the Cincinnati, OH area and need assistance, contact Industrial Access to determine a solution using any or several of our specialty methods you won’t find elsewhere. We prioritize minimal downtime to ensure the business runs smoothly, resulting in fast and quality work. You can be confident that your business will be back to normal soon because no problem is too large or complex for us.

Industrial Access Specialty Multi-Craft is a "Single Source Solution" for all maintenance and repair needs in and around the Cincinnati, OH area. We use many methods to ensure specialized services for all our clients. Our highly trained team can employ rope access techniques that many other companies lack the skills and resources for.

Industrial Access / Cincinnati Office • 250 East 5th Street, 15th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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