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Boiler Inspection, Cleaning & Repair

IA Mechanical services boilers to ensure your factory or plant runs efficiently with no issues. We do not perform new installs, but we offer regular maintenance, any repairs needed, and retrofits. Our expert team has many years of experience ensuring regular boiler operation for many plants and factories. We work with each company to ensure that they receive the level of service they need and desire.

industrial boiler repair in boiler roomTypes of Boilers

All boilers require regular maintenance to increase their lifecycle and work at the highest level of efficiency. However, different boilers may require different styles of care. At IA Mechanical, we can assist with any of the three types of boilers identified below.

Fire-tube boilers use hot gas that circulates through boilers’ tubes underwater. When the hot gases pass through the tubes, it causes the tank water to boil and produce steam.

Water-tube boilers produce steam when water-filled tubes are heated by gas flowing around them.

Electric boilers use electric-powered elements to heat the water inside the boiler and produce hot water and/or steam.

Maintenance Options

Many issues with boilers arise from a lack of boiler system prevention maintenance. Most frequently, process boiler failures are due to overheating from low water levels, corrosion, or scale deposits. These are all typical issues that can be caught through a regular maintenance plan.

While there are many things to look out for with boiler care, one aspect of boiler care that is especially important is water quality. Water quality in boilers is essential to promote regular functionality with no issues. Boilers should receive a chemical treatment for boiler feedwater to prevent condensable gases from returning to the inside of the boiler. This can cause expensive issues down the road such as “oxygen pitting”. To prevent this or other forms of chemical buildup in the water, water treatment solutions, such as reverse osmosis systems, are suggested.

power plant boiler inspectionBelow is a list of some additional maintenance and repair services we can perform:

  • Annual Inspections
  • Testing and Preventative Maintenance
  • Tube Flushing /Cleaning
  • NDT Service
  • Welding Repairs
  • Insulation and Refractory Repair
  • Boiler Service
  • Troubleshooting and Evaluations

Regular maintenance plans can vary, but some include daily weekly, monthly, and annual inspections. Some amount of care and maintenance, such as daily tasks, can be performed by plant workers who regularly operate the boiler. Whatever frequency your desired maintenance plan is, any preventative maintenance is better than none. At IA Mechanical, we will work with you to determine a plan that meets your budget and desired level of care.

If you are interested in learning more about boiler maintenance or repair services or need retrofitting assistance, call IA Mechanical today. We have many years of experience and value minimal downtime to save you money and time, but we never sacrifice the quality of service. Make sure to keep up with boiler maintenance to avoid timely and costly situations in the future.

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