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IA Mechanical FGD Scrubber Repairs & Maintenance

fgd scrubber repair

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) technology is an essential component of the power industry, especially with the ever-changing, strict environmental regulations by federal and local governments. To minimize the adverse effects of sulfur oxides on the environment, many power plants have been required to install or retrofit FGD Scrubber systems and ensure they are properly maintained and running at a certain efficiency. When your FGD system falls below required efficiency ratings or a pump or piping unit fails, IA Mechanical mobilizes quickly and executes a customized solution so production downtime is at a minimum.

FGD Scrubber Repairs

When high-temp gases come in contact with lime slurry mists from atomizer wheels, it can cause calcium scale issues within the FGD Scrubber tower. The presence of wet lime in power plants sets up scale problems for a number of areas in these systems, especially in grit screens. Pumps and pipes, and booster fan systems are also a common area of failure that can lead to emergency down time. If any of these scrubber components fail, time is of the essence and quick response is necessary

FGD Maintenance

Successful & reliable operation of a power plant flue gas desulfurization system depends largely on a good maintenance program. Identifying FGD equipment that is the most critical to the system’s overall reliability or its ability to meet emissions regulations is necessary in determining the extent of a site’s maintenance schedule. Because a custom-engineered FGD maintenance program will improve equipment performance and result in longer equipment life and lower operating costs, contact the IA Mechanical team to setup a maintenance schedule now.

Whether your power facility requires emergency FGD Scrubber repair or a regular maintenance program, speak with our engineers at 770-255-1388. We have experience working across many sectors and always have teams on the ground and ready to help. IA Mechanical provides design, inspection, maintenance, and repair services for FGD Scrubbers across North America. You can count on us for quality, efficiency, safety, and a fair price. Our expert engineers strive to provide the most innovative solutions that ensure cost-effective project completion.

Flue Gas Desulfurization repair

FGD system failure

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